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Good Wednesday Morning!

Welcome to Issue #33 of Share a Coffee! Today we'll be sharing a coffee with Shakima!

Shakima - @Mostdefkima3ff

Shakima started learning code as young as 11 y/o because she wanted to customize her Myspace profile and Xanga blog but, did not want to use the templates other people built as-is. By digging through the source code and changing things around, Shakima learned HTML and CSS. 

Eventually, she moved on to have her own blog where she learned a bit of PHP. In November 2019, she decided to pick up on her code learning journey to deepen her coding knowledge.

Shakima is using all that I'm learning to build Featrd. The goal for Featrd is to help companies better manage feature requests from their customers. As someone who worked in customer success, customers would often email asking her for new features with no real way to track any progress. She's always wished there was a way to let customers see progress without having to ask for updates. With Featrd, these kinds of requests can have a dedicated home so customers can follow up, vote for other ideas, and receive automated updates.

Outside of Featrd, Shakima really enjoys all things D.I.Y and creative along with the performing arts.

Follow Shakima on Twiitter @Mostdefkima3ff and check out Featrd!

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Shakima was nominated by Dashiell Bark-Huss (Issue #25)

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Kitchener, ON Canada

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