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Announcements 3rd March 2018

"Finally, at the time of Jesus's crucifixion, his mother Mary came near him and started shedding tears. Jesus consoled her saying, “Why do you cry, mother? The body is like a water bubble. Let them do whatever they wish with this body. You think these people are trying to kill me. I have no death. None can kill me.” Mary then told him, “Are you not the son of this body?” Jesus replied, “Of course! I am related to you at the physical level, as a son. But, ‘I am I’ only. You are all like children to me. You are all embodiments of Divinity." ~ Baba

Dear Vinod

Jai Sai Ram! There are some wonderful occasions and festivals throughout the month of March and we hope you will join us for some of these events. As always, please send us any feedback about this email or our events by emailing us at

Lent~Ceiling on Desires~Food Bank Collection

Lent began on the 14th February and lasts for 40 days. During the weeks leading up to Easter Christians prepare for it by taking their spirituality particularly seriously. Some people fast, eat frugally or give up treats following the example of Jesus, who fasted for forty days in the wilderness.

It is also a perfect time to put into practice Swami's teaching of Ceiling on Desires by not wasting food, money, energy or time. With the money you save you can put this towards the collection of food items which the centre is collecting for the Food Bank which serves people in need.  Please pick up a leaflet from the information desk at the centre which has more information about Ceiling on Desires and the list of food items required by the Food Bank. 

Mother's Day Programme

We will be celebrating Mother's Day on Sunday 11th March at Soar Valley College, from 9am - 11am. The SSE children will be putting on a special programme for all mothers so please do try and attend.

Regional Eco-Care Project

Here's your chance to do some outdoor service by planting trees at Bradgate Park.  This eco-care project will take place on Saturday 17th March at Bradgate Park at 9:30am. The meeting place is: Newtown Linford car park, LE6 0HB. The car park entrance is next to the Church (centre of the village). Follow this link to watch a short video about the importance of this service activity.

Ramnavmi Programme

"Rama is the indweller in every body. He is the source of bliss (the Atma Rama) in every individual. His blessings upsurging from that inner spring can confer peace and bliss. He is the very embodiment of dharma of all the codes of morality that hold mankind together in love and unity." ~ Baba

On Sunday 25th March we will be celebrating Ramnavmi at Soar Valley College between 9am to 11am.  Please do join us for this special occasion.

Easter Programme

On Sunday 1st April between 9am to 11am at Soar Valley College, we will be celebrating Easter.  We are very fortunate to have Pastor Graham Thomas who will join us and deliver a talk on Easter and its significance.

Ladies Retreat

We are pleased to share with you the invitation for the Region 4 Ladies Retreat which is happening between 21st - 22nd July 2018.  As you will be aware, the past Ladies Retreats have been a huge success, and Swami's presence has been felt throughout, and the goal is the same again this year. Places are limited so if you are interested in attending please contact one of the service coordinators.

Centre Committee Meeting

Our next centre committee meeting is on Tuesday 6th March between 7:30pm - 9:30pm at Soar Valley College in room above the gym.  Please do try and attend as your views and ideas really do matter to us.

Kazakhstan Medical Camp

The UK Council has announced that the 2018 Kazakhstan medical camp will be held from 29th June to 7th July 2018. Dr Upadhyay is looking for 4 optometrists and 2-3 GPs to join them on this camp. If you are an optometrist or GP who can help, please contact Urvi directly - for further details. Dr Upadhyay is a renowned Optomologist and has organised many medical camps around the world and is really an amazing person to work with. Please do pass on this information to any relevant medical professionals you know.

Sunday Workshops and Events

On Sunday 18th March, between 10:30am to 11:30am at Soar Valley College we will continue with our Parent's Study Circle led by Girishbhai who is a consultant psychiatrist by profession.  These study circles have proved to be very popular and this is what one parent has said about them "The classes have been a great opportunity to share ideas and speak to other parents. They have helped us to think about how to move forward with our families in a positive way. The topics have been relevant and I learn something new every time I attend"

Dates For Your Diary

Here are some dates for your diary for upcoming events we have planned. More information can be found above or will be circulated in the next few weeks

  • Tuesday 6th March - Centre Committee meeting
  • Sunday 11th March - Mother's Day Programme
  • Saturday 17th March -  Tree Planting Service Activity
  • Sunday 18th March - Parent's Study Circle
  • Sunday 25th March - Ramnavmi Programme
  • Sunday 1st April - Easter Programme

Sathya Sai Centre of Leicester