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Now that the deadline for submitting objections to the Next.plc planning application for Dowding Way has passed we've a chance to take stock and look at what we've achieved.

Between us we've:

  • Been one of over 1,250 signatories to the petition
  • Delivered over 2,500 leaflets to individuals and households across Waltham Abbey
  • Been seen by hundreds of motorists with our banner
  • Spoken to hundreds of people on stalls, in shops, at local events, in pubs, at work and elsewhere in our communities
  • Reached thousands of people online
  • Allowed more people to view meetings by live-streaming them
  • Submitted dozens of objections as individuals and organisations
  • Provided information and comment to Waltham Abbey Town Council which helped them reach their decision to oppose the plans

Compared to Next's two leaflets to just 626 households, a display of booklets at Waltham Abbey Swimming Pool and two days of a static exhibition at the Town Hall we haven't done too badly!

However, there are still a lot of people who don't know about the application, a lot of people who think it's for a Next retail development and a lot of people who believe Next's assertions that it will provide hundreds of jobs for the town.

So, although the deadline for objecting to the planning application is behind us, there's still a lot of work ahead of us.

But for now, let's have a breather and look back on what's been an amazing couple of months.

We'll be in touch!

Even though the deadline for comments has passed you can still send them into Epping Forest District Council by post or email - we've been told that comments submitted after the deadline will still be considered.

How to submit an objection

We're going to collect petition signatures up until the final decision is made. Please share the online version at and you can still download the paper version here: Paper petition

Thanks to these local organisations for submitting objections. If there are any others please let us know.


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Waltham Abbey Community Campaigns formed less than two months ago to coordinate activity around the Next.plc planning application. We really hit the ground running!

However, it's not just about the Next campaign. We feel that Waltham Abbey needs a group like ours which isn't single-issue, isn't party political and which can work with other groups to raise awareness and engage the community.

Would you like to help us build our group

and plan where we go from here?

If so, or if you'd just like to volunteer to help out in any capacity, please click this button:

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Unfortunately we can't add a button that will register you directly - a lot of email programmes would remove it - so it will take you to our website instead. If you put in the same email address you used for this email list or when you signed the petition your record should be updated to add you to our volunteer list.


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