Introducing the Asylum's new canvas combat boots in the classic Marten style!
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The Asylum Emporium

Happy New Year!!! Are you ready to stomp the streets in 2020, marching in your full power and glory, achieving what you only scarcely believed you could, "one foot in front of the other"?

Of course you are. And the Asylum wants to help!

Yes indeed! Introducing the Asylum's new canvas combat boots in the classic Marten style we all know and love, but without the painful break-in period, and, of course, animal friendly (because rats aren't the only creatures we cherish)! Gorgeously printed, these boots are extremely comfortable, yet durable enough to race through the Asylum's haunted corridors, with thick PU soles to help you stand your ground when faced with even the most villainous doctor.

I could go on, but instead I will direct you to the gorgeous details (including bushels of beautiful photos)!

Now it's back to orchestrating the Asylum Musical...turns out I love the bassoon and want to put it everywhere.

P.S. I will be back this weekend with your Asylum Oracle reading for the entire year of 2020! It's going to be good...

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