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March 31, 2023 - Issue #129

Project News Portal Update
The Avenue portal is getting an update on Sunday, April 2. Teachers should refer to this help file to learn how to access the Teacher Home page and their courses after the update. This help file explains how learners can access their courses after the update. This change for learners is very minor.

April 2023 Webinars

Avenue Leadership Training, Part 1 (starting April 22)
Refreshed and Augmented Leadership Courses for 2023 .... Grow your learning tech skills with a community of LINC colleagues ... Engage with videos, readings, audio podcasts and discussion forums ... Dive deep on learning technology standards frameworks ... Interpret innovations and leadership theories for your local program ... Sample the worlds of Universal Design for Learning and the SAMR model ... Develop a strategic plan to improve local learning technology uptake and teaching/learning practices ... More information is available here.

Support for Bradi
On March 9, a highly esteemed colleague's family was attacked with acid in Milton ON near Toronto. Nancy Van Dorp suffered severe burns to her hands. Her daughter Bradi was much more seriously affected. Bradi is still in the burn unit at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, where she is being treated for horrific injuries in this life-altering incident.This recent CBC story provides more details.

Here is a link to the Go Fund Me page in support of Bradi. If you are able to contribute, you would aid a wonderful colleague and her dear daughter in a time of grave need.

Web News

In Sudden Alarm, Tech Doyens Call for a Pause on ChatGPT
An open letter signed by hundreds of prominent artificial intelligence experts, tech entrepreneurs, and scientists calls for a pause on the development and testing of AI technologies more powerful than OpenAI’s language model GPT-4 so that the risks it may pose can be properly studied. It warns ...

The Top 5 Education Trends In 2023
… For a long time, education has involved us spending a good chunk of our early years sitting in a classroom absorbing information before heading out to put it to use. But the pace of change today means that what we learned one day might be redundant the next. This means that the way we learn has to change … here’s my rundown of the most important trends that will drive this change over the next 12 months and beyond. …

ChatGPT banned in Italy over privacy concerns
Italy has become the first Western country to block advanced chatbot ChatGPT. The Italian data-protection authority said there were privacy concerns relating to the model, which was created by US start-up OpenAI and is backed by Microsoft.

Make ChatGPT Work for You With These Browser Extensions
... Whether you're using ChatGPT for free or paying for ChatGPT Plus, the impressiveness of its text-generating capabilities aren't really matched by its interface, which sticks largely to the basics. That's where third-party browser extensions come in: They can help you get easier access to ChatGPT from other websites, add missing features such as a chat exporter, and suggest better prompts for getting better answers out of the AI bot. These extensions are all compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge,. ...

5 ways GPT-4 outsmarts ChatGPT
OpenAI’s new GPT-4 AI model has made its big debut and is already powering everything from a virtual volunteer for the visually impaired to an improved language learning bot in Duolingo. But what sets GPT-4 apart from previous versions like ChatGPT and GPT-3.5? Here are the five biggest differences between these popular systems....

How Wordle lives on at The New York Times
... the biggest video game last year wasn’t the award-winning Elden Ring: it was actually Wordle. … It was purchased by The New York Times in January 2022, and though its user growth has plateaued, it still has more daily active users than other newspaper offerings like the crossword puzzle or sudoku....


AI in the Classroom: The New, New Normal?
... there has been a tsunami of hype over the recently released text-generative artificial intelligence resources based on Open AI’s ChatGPT 3.5 chatbot. As professionals, we need to consider our classrooms and beyond to become aware, learn, discuss and define how we are going to live in this new, new normal. Yes, new, new, since the post-COVID era was the first new normal ...

ChatGPT Apps For IPhone, Android, Windows And Mac
ChatGPT could be used for some fantastic things, but small developers wanted it to have more possibilities. Although there is no official free Chat GPT app, the active open-source community has created many ChatGPT Apps for pc (Windows and Mac) and (iOS and Android), allowing Chat GPT users to access its fantastic features. Over the next few minutes, we'll look at some ChatGPT App collections curated by our experts. ...

How To Avoid The 6 Pitfalls Of Audio In eLearning
To create the best learning experience and get the full value from an eLearning program, use these tips to create audio the right way. ...

Open AI Chat GPT Plugins (Demo & How to Use YouTube Video)
OpenAI has made a massive Gamechanger and just introduced a new ChatGPT plugin marketplace that allows businesses to integrate their own custom apps. Offical OpenAI Chatgpt Plugins are also included in this new feature update.. ...

Andragogy In The Twenty-First Century
Andragogy is described by its creator, Malcolm Knowles, as the art and science of helping adults learn. One of the biggest challenges of andragogy, or adult learning, is allocating time and resources. We will try and look at both of these challenges, drawing from Knowles's principles of andragogy.  ...

Professional Development

New Resource in the Annotated Bibliography: EFL learners dropping out of blended language learning classes: A replication of Stracke (2007)
Take a look at this report to read a small group of students’ comments about the factors that propelled them to drop out of blended language learning and what they felt would have kept them in their program. See what has, surprisingly, changed in the interim and what students continue to hope for when they attend blended classes.

24 Engaging Synchronous Activities For Online Learning
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we learn and work. With remote learning becoming the new norm, educators are constantly searching for new and engaging ways to keep their students interested and motivated. Synchronous activities, where students learn in real-time with their peers and teachers, are becoming increasingly popular as a way to create a sense of community and interactivity in virtual classrooms! Here are 24 synchronous activities that can make online learning more engaging for students! ...

Online Synchronous Interactions: Tips and Tricks
Like many other fields, English as a Second Language (ESL) has undergone transformation during and beyond the pandemic. … Following the general trends of online education and trends to “humanize” online learning experiences, ESL professionals are asking questions about the importance of synchronous teaching and learning, and whether or not it should be a necessary component in all online courses. … Let’s consider some of the most important advantages of online synchronous interactions ....


Online ESL Teacher
LingoAce is an online learning platform dedicated to providing a fun and engaging learning environment for children between 4-15 years old who want to learn Chinese. We have over ten thousand students worldwide after more than four years of steady and rapid growth in international Chinese education. ...

Adult Education ESL Instructors (GTA)
The Adult Education Program of the Toronto Catholic District School Board is seeking to increase its pool of language instructors. Approved candidates will be added to the supply list and will be eligible to apply for internal postings as they become available. ...

e-Resource Corner

American English
American English is a resource center for teaching and learning about American English language and culture. This website provides a variety of engaging materials and resources for teachers' professional development and for students in the classroom. Both teachers and students will find new ways to practice English and learn more about the United States.

Chat with any PDF
Upload a PDF and users can interact with it. The site can help students comprehend textbooks, handouts, and presentations. It understands any language and will reply in the user's preferred one. It claims it can answer any question from any PDF.


New Language Solutions is based in Ottawa, Ontario. We acknowledge that our head office is on the traditional, unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabeg People. Beyond Ottawa, we have staff working in locations across Canada. New Language Solutions is grateful to have the opportunity to work as a guest in communities and territories across the country, and we honour the stewardship of the many Indigenous peoples who have resided on and cared for these lands since time immemorial.

We make our acknowledgement as a sign of respect for all Indigenous Peoples of Turtle Island, past and present. We accept the true impact of the past and the pain suffered by generations of Indigenous Peoples. As an agency that works to support the integration of newcomers into Canadian society and cultures, we express our commitment to support activities that are inclusive of Indigenous Peoples. We resolve to address a history of injustice to First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples.

New Language Solutions Inc.


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