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He places both hands on the balcony rail on either side of me, caging me against his chest. “Don’t mock me, Joselyn.” His nostrils flare and his voice is low with a bit of a snarl.

He might be Lucifer, but I’m a witch. “Or what?” 

The salt air stills around us. Everything stills, as if our chemistry has created a bubble just for us. The party noise is gone, and it’s him and me and electricity and this moment. His eyes darken and flicker to my lips as if he’s trying to decide. 

I’m not. 

I reach out and thread my fingers in the dark waves touching the back of his collar. His hair is soft, but his lips are softer. As soon as I press mine to his, he takes charge, pushing my mouth open and sliding his tongue inside.

My knees melt. One large hand moves to my lower back, palm flat, radiating heat through the thin silk of my dress as he pulls me closer. His other hand grasps my face, two fingers against my cheek, his thumb under my chin, tilting my head so he can kiss me deeper.

The way he kisses me… It’s like being devoured, yet savored. He slides his tongue along mine like he’s tasting delicious fruit. He’s minty and luscious, parting my lips with his and guiding them. My eyes roll back, and my panties drench when I feel his erection against my stomach. 

I exhale a moan, one hand still threaded in the back of his hair while the other grips his coat tighter, pulling him closer. Devour me… 

This. Is. Insane.

The hand on my back slides lower, gripping the silk of my skirt, drawing it higher until his fingers slide against the bare skin of my ass. 

“You are so gorgeous.” It’s a low growl rumbling in his throat as his lips move to my jaw. “I have a room in this hotel. Let me fuck you all night.” 

Fuck me.
All night. 
God, what am I doing?


You'll have to read more to find out! Trussst me, it's so worth it...

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“I’d like to kiss you again.”

She leans closer, her hands moving higher to my shoulders. “You don’t think that’s a bad idea?”

My face is lower, closer to her lips. “What do you think?”

“I think we work together.” Her eyes are fixed on my mouth. “I think it’s risky. It could change how we think of each other.”

“How do you think of me?” My lips are at her ear, and I press them to the side of her neck. I feel the little pulse beneath her skin beating like a rabbit.

“I haven’t decided.” She lifts her chin, and I kiss her cheek, making my way closer to her mouth. “I was told you’re the devil.”

Blue eyes meet mine, and the chemistry between us is alive. “Do you believe that?”

“I don’t know.”

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