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Hello Creative and Sustainable People!

Welcome to October!

September was yet another massive month for us. We experienced another school holidays, which is always a treat. We ran workshops for children and helped educators stock their classrooms full of materials ready for the next semester.

In September, we also sent a member of our staff to the New Economy Network Australia Conference, where they learned about business models which can promote a healthy environment, such as cooperatives, not-for-profits and commons. With our materials, we co-sponsored the Brisbane Writer's Festival, and also co-sponsored an upcycled model of the Viking Mars lander (pictured below) that was constructed by the Australian Youth Aerospace Association, The Viking Mars Missions Education & Preservation Project, and UQ Engineering and Technology.

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Coming up this month is our exhibition of the year, Worn Out?!? (details below). Otherwise, in early October we will be awarded the Litter Prevention (group) award for the Brisbane City Council's Cleaner Suburbs Awards. Likewise, if you are available in early October, Dutton Park State School are hosting an Art Soiree, where we are sponsoring prizes.

For those interested, we've also got two open volunteering positions to apply for in our warehouse. If you have four spare hours per week, why not apply?

As usual, Not Junk Mail is bursting with great deals, so have a scroll through below.

See you in the Woolloongabba warehouse soon!

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Special Announcements

Waste-Free Winter Workshops!

Worn Out?!? is nearly here!

Attend our free runway show, Saturday 28th October 7-9:30pm

No doubt, you've heard us raving about this event for the last month, and now it's nearly here! For those that haven't yet heard, we at Reverse Garbage Queensland are hosting a Refashion and Cosplay event called ‘Worn OUT?!?' this October.

Worn Out?!? will showcase the creative potential of pre-loved materials and materials salvaged from the waste stream so all garments, costumes and accessories featured in the exhibition must consist of a minimum of 75% ‘non-new’ materials. It will also question the hyper-consumption and throw-away aspects of contemporary life and demonstrate an alternative approach to fashion and costume design.

It will be launched with a free opening night event featuring a runway show for each of these components, with a static display of selected Refashion garments, Cosplay outfits and accessories for the following week in Reverse Emporium, the upcycled art and craft gift shop at RGQ’s Woolloongabba warehouse.

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See some of the Worn Out?!? entries

Maryanne Munteanu from Gathered Pieces out of Melbourne


Maryanne Munteanu
Gathered Pieces

Gathered Pieces is a contemporary studio known for its innovative design concepts, like zero waste and subtraction cutting methods, that use discarded natural fibre garments, factory off-cuts and end-of-roll fabrics sourced from local industries.

Sarah Minazzo Star Scribe Works


Sarah Minazzo
Star Scribe Works

This cosplay piece, Bombshells Batgirl, is made of pre-loved clothes, leftover and accessories from previous projects, pre-loved vinyl, a second hand wig, re-altered gloves, re-altered and painted used boots.
Photo credit: Pandom Images

We're proudly catering Worn Out?!? with Mu'ooz

Waste-Free Winter Workshops!

Mu'ooz, West End

“Mu’ooz”, means “tasty and healthy” in Tigrinya, the language of Eritrea and parts of Ethiopia. Based in West End, Mu'ooz offers exclusive North-East African cuisine using local and imported African ingredients while providing exceptional quality service. You simply must try the Injera!

Mu'ooz can comfortably seat 70 people, and has a large courtyard in the back.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise, Mu'ooz provides employment and trainee-ships for African refugee women; building confidence and breaking down cultural and language barriers which impede their social integration.

Mu'ooz gives both employment and new opportunities for women who have suffered traumatic experiences of war and poverty, and had little opportunity for education. To date they have given work experience, training and employment to over 100 women!

Support Mu'ooz with your end-of-year work function
Book personal or group North-East African cooking classes
Waste-Free Winter Workshops!

Hey Educators!

We are excited to offer a new professional development series for primary and secondary school educators. Artists and members of the general public are also welcome to attend.

Come along and revive a pair of pre-loved shoes to express your own style through revival. Be inspired by fashion designers to refashion ordinary shoes into something spectacular.

You will use industrial discards to either add bling using unusual materials, or re-sculpt your shoe into a fabulous art piece. We will also have a range of shoes available in anticipation of your inventive additions.

This first workshop in the series is inspired by fashion designer and wearable artist, Alexander McQueen. McQueen often used "waste" and disposable materials to make wearable art, and his art pieces are also great examples of texture, drama, and incorporating ideas about consumerism and sustainability into high fashion.

Click here for more information and booking
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Get ready for Halloween with your one-stop costume shop!

Frightfully Good Fabrics

Our massive range of cotton, polyester, lycra, velveteen, upholstery and even curtain fabrics will tantalise your eyes and chill your bones. Not only will these fabrics look sensational, but like most of our materials they are an environmentally-responsible secondhand good (and a good price, to match!).

Faux Fur

On the roll
$18 per metre

You just have to touch this fabric! We're not sure what mystical beast this material would have come from, but this silver and black fur-alternative is stunning.

Leather + Faux Leather

From $18 per kilo

Enough colours, textures and thicknesses for a range of purposes - from the finest soft leather, to braided bands, to the odd near-complete hide!


Different lengths / prices

Keep your costume attached to your body the easy way, with elastic. We stock many widths, strengths, colours and lengths.

Zips and fasteners

From $0.50

For the intermediate-level crafter, peruse our range of zips, buttons, buckles and whatnot to finish your costume piece.

No Hassles with These Tassels!

We have an exotic range of beautiful tassels, some even incorporating feathery and bell-flower designs.

Teeth (okay, moulds of)

To scale
$1.00 each, or 2 for $1.50

What better spooky display for your house than plaster teeth, in varying stages of medical treatment? Many people paint these suckers too.

Costume Clothing

Per item

We have individual costume items, such as these medical gowns, hats, broomsticks, tiaras, and so on. Have a squiz, and think creatively.

Flat-Pack Boxes

10cm x 14.5cm x 9.5cm
$0.50 each

These cardboard containers are perfect for making gift packs for parties. They’re easy to fold and store. Trick or treat!

Framed Art

From $5

With a little creative flair, you can make these paper mache pieces into spooky decorations to hang around your dwelling.

Plus more in our store!

Decorative Upcycled Stools

Different colours, shapes and sizes
From $30

These beautiful, lightweight stools can add zest to any corner, or make part of your dwelling or store into a relaxed and funky seating area. Many of these stools are also upcycled from Reverse Garbage Queensland fabrics and barrels!

Sealable Bottles

$2 each

These unused glass bottles are perfect for personal businesses bottling homemade salad-dressings, oils and beverages. Each bottle comes with a factory-ready lid with a breakable seal. Simply add a label!

Spun Metal

From $0.50

Spinning metal around a centre point allows for beautiful symmetrical designs, from urns to cookware. We have various types of metals. Many customers use these to make musical instruments.

Rubik's Cube Handbags

14cm cubed
$10 each

These cute handbags are bright, bold and retro. While they could become your next accessory, many people also want them for thrift shop costume events.

Display Stands

50cm x 50cm x 26cm
$12 each

These flat, square display stands have a white perspex (acrylic) top. They are strong, but lightweight because they are packed with foam. Easily redecorate the outside.

Original Paintings

Various sizes
From $3

These framed oil-based works are painted on both canvas and wood. Most depict landscapes and flora, and the brushwork is exquisite. We received nearly a hundred, and are down to this last batch. If you hesitate, you might miss out.

Silver Strands

Classroom-sized packs
$5 each

We once again have this much-requested item. Each pack contains dozens of ribbons of various sizes. Highly reflective.

Expanded PVC

42cm x 131.5cm x 3mm
$2.50 each

These thin, durable rectangles are perfect for signage. They are unmarked, with a plain white and a pale green side. We also stock sheets of coreflute, alucore and card.

Orange Felt Rolls

Various sizes
$5 per kilogram

These large sheets are perfect for use as a noticeboard, or could be cut up and applied to the bottom of furniture to avoid scratching floors. We’ve been using them as a background for photography!

Curtain Packs

140cm x 210cm
$5 each

These deep burgandy organza curtains have a slot top design. Buy several and redecorate an entire space, or use them as an ornate table cloth.


Reverse Garbage Queensland is a not-for-profit worker run co-operative that promotes environmental sustainability and resource reuse. We collect high quality industrial discards, diverting them away from landfill and sell them at a low cost to the general public.

We collect from more than 300 businesses and factories in the greater Brisbane area, with approximately three tonnes coming into the warehouse each week. With a truck full of materials coming in almost every day, there's always something new and different to find!

We run a variety of environment and waste focused art workshops and educational talks and tours to suit every age and group:

We also run a mail order service:

And we host Reverse Emporium, which is a gallery and gift shop that promotes local artists, craft workers and designers who salvage, reuse and up-cycle materials:

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Public Transport to the Warehouse

We encourage taking public transport to the warehouse as we are within close walking distance (Less than 5 mins) from both Park Road train station and Boggo Rd bus station as well as bus stops along Ipswich Rd (Approx. 10 mins). Public transport runs very frequently to these stops. Check out Translink for all the routes and timetables:

Parking Facilities at the Warehouse

We have seven parking spaces in front of the Reverse Garbage Queensland warehouse and there is also two-hour street parking available around the corner on Elliott St.

We ask that customers please do not park in the car parks of businesses on Burke Street. These are reserved for other businesses and we would not like you to get towed!

Friends of the Earth—Brisbane

Reverse Garbage Queensland was set up in 1998 to help support the work of Friends of the Earth (FoE) - Brisbane. FoE is a social change organisation working towards an ecologically sustainable and socially just future through community action. For more information on FoE, current campaigns and volunteering call 07 3171 2255, email or visit

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