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Save the Date for the Day of Global Talent

The tradition of Global Lithuanian Awards has turned into the whole Day of Global Talent, which brings together GLA Laureates and Nominees, international and local over-achievers in business and science, as well as high-level officials of the Government for expertise sharing, recognition and reward, as well as celebration. The Day will start with the Forum of Global Lithuanian Professionals "Lithuania as Dream Sandbox of Global Talent", followed by the official ceremony of the Awards led by the President, and crowned by the festive celebration. The Day of Memorable Impressions! Let us share it! 

Talent for Lithuania: Summer Meeting in Vilnius

GLL initiative Talent for Lithuania gathered bright Lithuanian students of foreign universities, as well as all enthusiasts and representatives from the participating companies for an evening together. During the meeting, we talked more about the programme, discussed the career opportunities in Lithuania and heard fantastic success stories from program Alumni. If you want to hear the stories, check the recorded video.

Talent for Lithuania: Call for Companies

Talent for Lithuania is happy to announce that 20 graduates are coming back this summer to various internship positions. We have received more than 270 applications and were able to propose over 50 positions in 24 different enterprises. The new season of Talent for Lithuania will start on October 9, 2017, and we are inviting companies to open internship positions for young professionals with international experience to start their career in Lithuania. Contact us for more information.

Sharing GLL Experience with Georgia

Director of GLL Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė was invited as a key note speaker at the first Georgian Diaspora Award ceremony. Two years ago, she went there to make a training sharing the best practice and example of Global Lithuanian Awards, and this time – to witness great stories of Georgian Diaspora contributions. It is part of the ENIGMMA program coordinated by ICMPD, which achieved Visa Liberalisation for Georgia.

Launch of Global Academic Network

July marked the launch of new GLL initiative - Global Academic Network. We have an ambition to reshape Lithuanian education system by bringing together global academics and scientists of Lithuanian descent and connecting them with Lithuanian universities and research institutes for introduction of disciplines in high demand on international market, active cooperation in research projects and mentorship of talented youth. More information can be found here. If you want to participate in this initiative or know someone who would like to, contact us and we will discuss all the details.

Back in Lithuania? Let's Meet!

Dear Global Lithuanians! We have enjoyed two months of inspiring chats over coffee, updates on your moods and future plans. We are ready for more, so whenever you are back to Lithuania, just drop a message and we will have a rare, therefore extra valuable live conversation!

GLL Members

Darius Daubaras - Patron of GLL

Patron of Global Lithuanian Leaders, one of the most active members of the community of global Lithuanian professionals in the UK's Lithuanian City of London Club, last year's laureate of the Global Lithuanian Awards Darius Daubaras gives all the credit of his professional success to inborn curiosity, hard work and extra effort in all he does. He shared his life story and insights on global Lithuania in the recent interview. GLL feels grateful for the good words to the programs inviting global professionals to come back, share their knowledge and experience, encouraging cooperation among Lithuanians around the world and rewarding their sincere efforts.

Vladas Oleinikovas - New Leader of World Lithuanian Youth Community

On July 6-12, World Lithuanian Youth Community held their 15th Global Congress in Finland with intention to find receipts for the revival and reformation of the organization and to elect new Board to lead the process. GLL member and close friend Vladas Oleinikovas was elected as the Chairman of the Board of this organization. According to him, the next four years will be devoted to promote the vision of new inclusive Lithuanian identity where geographical boundaries will not effect the value of sincere contribution, work on building strong bonds between Lithuania and its young people abroad, and contributing to reversed trends of emigration. More information.

Meetings with GLL Business Advisors in Cooperation with Enterprise Lithuania

Together with Enterprise Lithuania GLL co-hosted business breakfast and invited interested professionals to discuss business opportunities in the U.S. market. Our special guest – GLL member Darius Vaskelis shared his extensive knowledge about the U.S. market with specific focus on technology market and innovations.
Darius is an active member of our Business Advisors program and has been involved in consulting companies on various issues.

GLL Members, professionals Gintarė and Darius Bačiuliai were attending a meeting with Lithuanian exporters to share their knowledge and tips about the Australian market. Living and working there for almost 10 years, they have a great awareness of the current situation and the needs of the market.
Together with Enterprise Lithuania GLL is happy to connect our business with global Lithuanians who can share their expertise and advise on specific matters.

More information on GLL Business Advisors.

Annual Conference of Economic Research: Pi Project Launched

GLL had a great pleasure to be the partner of the 6th Annual Lithuanian Conference of Economic Research in Vilnius where global Lithuanian researchers of Economics from 30 international institutions gathered together to share their expertise in the field and discuss the available means to make a positive impact on the prosperity of the society.
Project PI made a great television programme interviewing the special guest of the conference - Swedish Research Council Distinguished Professor - Torsten Perrson and acknowledged Lithuanian Economic research professionals Aidas Masiliūnas, Marius Jurgilas, Audinga Baltrunaite, Linas Tarasonis and Alminas Zaldokas, asking them about the essence of the economic research and the value it provides the general public. A lot of noteworthy insights have been shared!


Meeting of Clubs of Global Professionals | August 19-20 | Copenhagen

Lithuanian Professionals in Copenhagen will bring together GLL and the most active connectors of Lithuanian professionals abroad for live discussion of prospects and sustainability of professional clubs, their potential for local community as well as Lithuania, the need for more active internal communication and growing awareness of clubs in Lithuania. The key-note of the event - Marius Raugalas from Lithuanian City of London Club who will disclose the secret of long-term activities and developed credibility of the club. More information.

"Freedom Picnic" - Festival of Ideas | August 26 | Kaunas

As the crowd of 10.000 people gathered last year to celebrate freedom of meetings and expressions, this year, the festival invites to generate ideas and propose solutions to the country. GLL, represented by the director Kotryna Stankutė-Jaščemskienė, is facilitating the discussion on Talents Attraction. More information.

Back in Vilnius | August 30 | Vilnius

More and more Lithuanian professionals are coming back to Vilnius after a few or many years spent abroad. We value international experience and believe that it is a good time to connect and continue our traditional meetings for networking! Hence, GLL is organising the 6th cozy, informal meet up on the August 30, 2017 where we can get to know each other and build a bright community. More information.

Discussion Festival "EXACTLY!" | September 8 - 9 | Birštonas

GLL and Business Law Firm TRINITI opens the season of discussions “Lietuva³” in discussion festival "Exactly!" ("Būtent!"). It is the celebration of variety of opinions and democracy, where each view has a right to exist. On September 9, "Lietuva³" will invite you to discuss Lithuanian identity: can we create a global and plural identity or we ought to preserve the local and traditional one?

For more information, visit 

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