Miserably Altered #2

Written by Angelina C. Roman-Ochoa
Art by Brahim Bensehoul

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It's officially Summer.

The laziness is creeping into my brain and slowing my personal projects to molasses. I need some frozen weather; get back to my Minnesota roots (I live in Santa Cruz).

An aid no doubt in getting out of this doldrum was reading Miserably Altered #2. This literally took 10 minutes to read, and to absorb. It was like eating a bag of Funyuns. A short haired girl named... ka ka? has to run and keep running from 2 monsters. Sometimes they're after her, sometimes they're fighting each other. That's it.



Did ka ka get altered?

If so, did her alteration happen in a miserable way? Hard to say. If I read the last page right maybe.

The colors look pretty good, and there was a fair share of creepy atmosphere going on here. Just not enough. Not enough for $15 worth for sure.

I don't doubt Angelina and her team will be back for another comic soon. She's got two successful Kickstarters under her belt already. I'd be interested in seeing a more fleshed out world with her ideas and maybe more story.

Next Tuesday:

Broke Down and 4 Dead Bodies
by Travis Gibb


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