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Best Sellers January

All Our Shimmering Skies

2020’s Booker Prize Winning novel, Shuggie Bain’ edged out Barack Obama’s ‘A Promised Land’ coming in first with 1778 sales (-2,410).

Jane Harper’s ‘The Survivors ‘ moved up from 5th position to 2nd with 1137 sales (-1,908). The author’s debut novel, ‘The Dry’ was very close behind with 1089 sales (+119), no doubt due to the recent cinematic adaption of the novel.

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The figures look more reasonable this time but to we get all sites onto one system a question mark hangs over them. If these are accurate then on average NZ is doing better compared to last year over the last two months and AU is down significantly. 

Sales compared to last year  Dec / Jan

  • Australia:  -14% / - 11%
  • New Zealand: +6% / +4 %

Development in January

We rolled out new features around customer order fulfilment, improvements to the pacstream implementation and Titlepage integration. The Xero oauth2 version is now at a point where initial testing can start.

In progress

  • Xero upgrade
  • Migrating last stores to R4
  • Order fulfilment improvements
  • Database optimisation and upgrade

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Welcome Jap

Roald Ignacio , nickname Jap has joined the team in Christchurch. Jap comes from the Philippines and is a full stack developer with front end expertise. 

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Niko and Mavis

Pizza is coming

Rebuilding the pizza oven 10 year to the day following the Christchurch earthquake where its predecessor hit the ground.

Warwick Schaffer


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