Last week, an email hit my inbox that made me say, "Yessssssss!" 

It was from public relations maven (and official member of my BFF squad), Filomena Fanelli, and it was about how easy it is to take for granted that your audience knows what you know.  How, without even realizing it, we stop telling our stories everywhere we should because we assume that everyone has heard them before. 

Update: they probably haven't. 

(My BFF Squad. Fil's the outstanding publicist on the far left.)

My best friends and I at the Blue Man group show in Boston ca. 2016

Filomena's story, and its inherent warning, is always relevant - especially for nonprofit organizations. But rather than re-tell it all, I'll let her newsletter speak for itself:

"I realized how easy it is to assume everyone’s poking around your website, following along on social media or listening to what you’re putting out there. The truth is, they’re probably not. And even if they try, the world is so inundated with information that it’s just plain hard to keep up. That means it’s our job to tell and re-tell the stories, to share information in a variety of ways and to stay top of mind with the people we do business with."

Continue reading for Filomena's five fast tips to remind people of what you do, how you do it, and who you do it with. 

And, in case I haven't mentioned it lately: I help nonprofits with writing, email marketing, structure & governance, and transformational leadership skills If I can help you in any of those areas, drop me a line 📧.

Keep Up the Good Work,


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