Being able to persuade others is an amazing skill to have. 

On the outside, it seems like all you need to do is say the right words. 

However, that's not even half the battle. 

There was a study that showed that between 70 and 93 percent of all communication is nonverbal. 

Which means the "right words" only account for 30% (if not less) of effective communication. 

There are also 3 big problems with most persuasion info out there. 

Here they are: 

  1. It only works in the short-term: This is fine if you just need someone's compliance for a one-time thing. However, you may end up forcing someone to do something that's not in their best interest. 
  2. It feels more like coercion than persuasion: Using high-pressure tactics to get someone to comply isn't persuasion. You might end up getting what you want but you could lose the relationship. 
  3. It only works under a specific set of situations: If you can only persuade someone under certain circumstances, then you're not really doing persuasion either. Waiting for the stars to align in your favor only works until it doesn't. 

If you can't get past these roadblocks, then you can forget about being good at persuasion. 

Fortunately, my friends over at NLPTimes created a course called "Purest Persuasion" which shows you how to unlock the real keys to persuasion that you can use in any context. 

Here's an "a-ha" moment for you: Persuasion only happens in the mind of the client. 

It's not what you say that matters, it's how it's received. 

In as little as 6 hours, you can radically improve your persuasive powers without using outdated (and ineffective) methods.

Here's what you'll learn: 

  • The easiest way to bypass the cognitive gatekeeper that stops a person from saying yes!
  • Effective tools and strategies to direct attention at will. 
  • How to build instant credibility with anyone
  • Learn the most reliable way to form suggestions that stick. 
  • And more!

In total, you'll receive 18 professionally edited mp3 tracks, 8 HD video modules, plus 6 expert assignments to help you apply the key lessons right away. 

Imagine how different your life would be if you were twice as persuasive as you are now.

What kind of opportunities would you attract?

What problems and challenges would disappear?

What if you could articulate your ideas in a way where you're almost guaranteed to get a yes?

All of that, and more, is possible once you secure your copy of Purest Persuasion today. 

Here's the link:

Jacob Laguerre

PCI Institute


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