Support the next generation of pangolins

Dear Friends and Supporters, it's the World Pangolin Day today. And if you are thinking about showing your support for these magical animals - this is your perfect chance!

This year, we want to do something for the babies. The baby pangolins. Sometimes they get caught with their Mom, sometimes still dependent and suckling, sometimes still in the womb, sometimes orphaned, tiny and barely clinging to life. The lucky ones arrive at our rescue centre, but even then the road back to freedom for the next generation of pangolins is hard.

Happy, Kim and Hero need you!

Recently more babies are coming to us: Happy, Kim and Hero. They have different stories: Happy’s mother held on until she was in our centre, birthing him the day after she arrived; Hero was rescued with her mother, both were in poor shape, and most heartbreaking of all is Kim, the orphan, who arrived at our centre when she only a few days old. With Kim, the orphan, our staff need to be available 24/7, to feed her, check her health, warm her up, to become her mother.

We are running a fundraising campaign for these babies, hopefully to secure a better future for them and also the other babies coming to us.

Please donate, share or forward our campaign to anyone who may be interested. Every single action matters!

Let's Go!

First rescue and release of 2017

Poachers just don't rest

January was the month of holidays in Vietnam: New Year and Tet. However, it is usually also the month with the highest number of wildlife confiscations. Poachers don’t take a holiday: the hunt and trade continues.

And neither do we

Last month, we rescued up to 61 pangolins and have already managed to release 20 other ones back to the wild.

When most of Vietnamese people were reuniting with their families for Tet, our keepers had no holiday, spending their time to take care of all the rescued pangolins, making sure they recover well in our center.

Such a busy month in our VET room

The large amount of  rescues put pressure not only on our keepers but also our Vet, Hai. In January, Hai had to perform an operation every week and health checks for sick pangolins everyday.

Our skilled Vet also managed to save a badly injured pangolin from death.

How are our babies doing?

Happy made it!

Happy has reached his fourth month, passing the critical age when the babies are at greater risk of  death. This is a really good news. We believe that Happy and his mom can released this year.

Kim is begining to climb

Due to the tireless effort of Hai, Kim – the orphan we rescued in December - started to show some significant development.

Last month, Kim's scales grew stronger and darker. She also started climbing up small branches set up by Hai.

Caring for pangolins is hard. Handling baby pangolins is much harder and we are getting more of them each month. And it costs a lot.

Please consider support if you can.

Support Us!

Chinese pangolins and the kids

Our Field Researcher has returned!

Our Field Research Officer, Mai Anh, finally finished her Chinese pangolin social study in January, ending at Sao La - Hue Nature Reserve in A Luoi district.The people interviewed were mostly ethnic Co Tu and Ta Oi, most of whom are dependent on forest resources to live.

Mai Anh interviewed a total of 160 hunters and people with expert knowledge of the focal subject interviewed during the study. Of those, 91% were hunters who had seen the Chinese pangolin before. Next stage: looking for living Chinese pangolins, their spoor and dens.

Another exciting project coming

Our Education Outreach team also had a busy month preparing for the next project: bringing local kids to discover wildlife. Tours in our Education Center, picnic in Cuc Phuong's forest, group games and lovely T-Shirts are waiting!

Friends from all over the world

Two keepers from London Zoo

Special thanks to Kelly-Anne Kelleher and Robert Harland - two keepers from London Zoo for coming to help with our baby Kim. Their experiences was invaluable in helping us during this very demanding period.

We will miss their smiles!

New suprises in 2017

We also received a hand from Lan, Tawny Tsao, Louisa Bartlett, Emily and Rachel Cook - the volunteers in January. They helped our keepers cleaning and furnishing the new enclosures, preparing the food for pangolins and other carnivores. They also assisted Hai in Vet room activities.

Thank you!

We can never say thanks enough. Without your kind support, we couldn’t save as many animals as we did last month.

Much appreciated from Vietnam!


Organisation Donors

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust

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Humane Society International

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Future For Nature

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Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative

OAK Foundation

Nashville Zoo

Action for Wildlife Organization

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