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Cows on land, and inset burning or destroyed land
Welcome to the summer newsletter

Hello   and welcome to the Summer 2021 newsletter.

I write this while reflecting on the climatic catastrophes around the globe, news that the UK is already undergoing disruptive climate change and the report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change setting out the alarming extent of global warming over the past 50 years.

We know that the current animal-based food system is a major contributor to climate change and to the ecological emergency. Given the urgent need for change, it is hardly surprising that some activists are moved to take powerful action. In recent weeks. Animal Rebellion has backed its call for McDonald’s to go plant-based by 2025 with blockades of all four distribution centres and then of the factory which makes all of the food giant’s UK burgers, preventing manufacture for three days.

Our approach is a little less dramatic, but we hope we have a small part to play in finding a way to the solution that the planet needs.

Coming up in this edition:

  • A picnic
  • A walk
  • An article by a vet about pig rearing in the UK, and another about greenwashing by a Danish exporter of pig-meat
  • A call-out for help planning 3 Valley Vegans activities
  • Animal Aid petition about slaughter of horses
  • Blackshaw Head fete – helpers needed here too
  • Rivercide, a documentary detailing pollution of the River Wye, including from chicken farms
  • An update on the Scrap Factory Farming legal challenge
  • Major research revealing how a diet rich in plant foods helps protect against covid
  • An update on and call for assistance with the Feed Our Future school meals project

Best wishes,

Myra and 3 Valley Vegans

Photo by Jack B, Karsten Winegeart, Christina Maiia on Unsplash

Calder Holmes Park
Sun 22 Aug: Picnic in Hebden Bridge park, come along!

Come and join us for our annual pot luck picnic! This year we will of course be following government instructions and keeping a safe social distance throughout, and sadly not sharing food this time.

  • Sunday, 22nd August 2021 at midday.
  • Calder Holmes Park, Hebden Bridge
  • Meet between the cafe and the path to the railway station (see photo).

As usual, everyone is welcome to come along, we just ask that you only bring vegan food or drink (thank you for respecting the wishes of our vegan members). Please bring your own cutlery and plate. We will probably be sitting on the ground, so you may wish to bring a portable seat or blanket.

If you want to come, please send us an email. Dogs are welcome too. If the weather is bad, we may have to cancel, check the website or look out for an email if it comes to that.

See you there!

Featured image by Carroll Pierce, CC BY SA 2.0

Read more about our picnic, come along!
The Great Big Green Week graphic
Sun 26 Sep: Great Big Green Week, circular walk in Todmorden

Sunday 26th September 2021, Carr and Craggs Moor and the Stones menhirs (standing stones). Around 8 miles / at least 5 hours including lunch stop.

The 3 Valley Vegans event for September 2021 and the Great Big Green Week is a walk in the hills to the southwest of Todmorden. This will be a great opportunity to explore an interesting and beautiful area whilst grabbing time for informal discussions about vegan diets and their environmental, ethical and health benefits.

Read more about our walk and book
STOP PRESS: 'Rescuing the Green New Deal', Alan Simpson speaks in Calderdale

Alan Simpson discusses what needs to be done to cut carbon emissions in half, within this decade, and how to prevent cheap politics from sinking the planet

“Alan brings a big picture vision wrapped up in glittering examples of what transformation means in practice. From communities, to cities to whole countries, there is no wrong place to start, no part of the economy that doesn’t need to be turned upside down and rethought.” Clive Lewis MP

Sunday, 10 October, 2pm-3.30pm, Mytholmroyd Community Centre. Free.

Book your place
Pigs in a cage
"Bet you'd love a bacon sandwich"

One of the clichéd comments that get thrown at vegans (and vegetarians) is the idea that we yearn to eat bacon, that euphemism for the flesh of a pig. 

Sentient Media recently published a story about an advertising campaign by the world’s biggest pig-flesh exporter, Danish Crown. This campaign is being challenged as greenwash - a misleading, unsubstantiated and/or irrelevant statement or claim that a product, service or company has a low impact on the environment. In this case, the advertising campaign is an attempt to overcome the growth in public concern about the links between meat consumption and climate change.

Read more about this greenwashing
Would you like a chance to see your local vegan idea come to life?

Have you ever had an idea for a blog post, activity or event? Would you like a chance to meet people with similar views in your area? Perhaps a younger person in your family would like some volunteering experience with an ethical cause, or maybe you have more time on your hands yourself these days...

Whatever your situation, we would be delighted to hear from you to join us in the 3 Valley Vegans core organising group, even if it is just for a few months. We have hosted socials, fairs, stalls, music nights, many cookery demos and even produce this newsletter! If you think "I'd like to help do that" or even "I'd like to do something a bit like that", get in touch with us.

Send us your idea and availability
Horses in field, with Animal Aid logo
Horses slaughtered in the UK: sign and share Animal Aid's petition today

Copied from Animal Aid:

"Animal Aid had to use the Freedom of Information Act to uncover the facts about horse slaughter in the UK. We discovered that in 2019 more than two thousand equines were killed for their meat in this country.

Astoundingly, when we asked the government the same question – it said: “We are unable to provide the information requested as it is commercially sensitive.”

We are demanding that the government takes action on horse slaughter, by limiting the number of horses bred each year. This will mean fewer horses end up as ‘surplus’ or unwanted – and fewer horses will end their lives at an abattoir.

No animals should have to face slaughter."

    The recent Panorama episode titled 'The Dark Side of Horse Racing' brought the matter to a new audience.

    Sign and share petition
    Crowd at Blackshaw Head Fete
    Sat 4 Sep: Blackshaw Head Fete, can you help on our stall?

    3 Valley Vegans are returning to the Blackshaw Head Fete on Saturday, 4 September from 12 noon in the picturesque village above Hebden Bridge. 

    • Would you like to help us on our stall, even for a couple of hours, as we give out vegan taste testers and info? 
    • Would you be able to bake/make some lovely food for us to sell to raise funds for good causes?  
    Contact us to help at Blackshaw Head
    Livestreamed documentary 'Rivercide' unmasks water polluters of the UK

    Watch the world's first live investigative documentary, looks at who is polluting our rivers and what little is being done to stop them. Featuring George Monbiot and live music from Charlotte Church and Benjamin Zephaniah. Filmed on location at the River Wye, 14 July 2021. Although it was broadcast live that day, you can watch back the recording now.

    Watch the Rivercide documentary
    SCRAP factory farming and the subsidies it gets from public funds
    Scrap Factory Farming legal challenge

    Scrap Factory Farming is a campaign by Humane Being. They have engaged a legal team led by renowned human rights lawyer Michael Mansfield QC to call for factory farming to be phased out by 2025, on grounds of the harm it is doing to human health, to the planet and to animals. DEFRA have filed their defence to the challenge and the campaign now awaits a judge’s decision on a hearing.

    Bradford College on a map
    Call for help on Bradford College freshers stalls 15 and/or 22 September

    Would you like to help out on a stall at Freshers' Week at Bradford College? We will be attending with Compassion in World Farming, providing information to new students and inspire them to take up vegan causes.

    Contact us to talk to students
    Diet and covid – research findings

    In the largest study of its kind, the Zoe Covid Study team, along with researchers from King’s College London and the Harvard Medical School, surveyed 600,000 participants about their diets before and during the pandemic. They found that a diet rich in high quality plant foods can be protective against covid.

    Disclaimer: we are not suggesting here that a plant-based diet alone can replace conventional treatments or the vaccine.

    On the subject of the covid vaccine, please see the Vegan Society’s response.

    Apple with words 'School meals matter'
    An update on and call for assistance with the Feed Our Future school meals project

    In the Spring newsletter we introduced the Feed Our Future school meals campaign. Two 3 Valley Vegans members in Calderdale and one in Bradford are working on this campaign.

    In Calderdale, we are up against the fact that the council has effectively dropped its involvement in school meal provision, which is the responsibility of individual schools or groups of schools.

    Because of this, we need to be able to make contact with school heads, governors and caterers directly. Are there any readers of this newsletter who have school contacts that might be helpful to this campaign? If so, please get in touch.

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    Map of Calderdale
    UPDATED! Local eating and shopping guides

    Eating out and shopping can be tricky when you're vegan, especially when just starting out. To make things a little easier, we have compiled a list of vegan-friendly eateries and shops in Calderdale:

    View our Guide to Eating Out in Calderdale

    View our Vegan Friendly Calderdale Shopping Guide

    Have we missed anything off these lists? Please send your suggestions to tech@3valleyvegns.org.uk 


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