Forgotten Hymns Part 2

Written by Andrew Guilde
Art by Isaac Perez
Letters by DC Hopkins

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Atmosphere of Conspiracy.

In the first installment which I reviewed earlier, there was an atmosphere of conspiracy and larger forces at work. A wealthy man, Max Richmond has entrusted his daughter Lillian to track down and cover up suspicious activity surrounding his involvement with young women. Lillian and her partner Howard, and ex-CIA man set about going from home to home of young unsuspecting women who have fallen victim to this conspiracy.

Keeping tabs on Lillian and Howard are Government Agents Randy and Leo. They've constructed an intricate tapestry of connections and innuendo. They are holding back from marching in and making arrests until there's enough evidence to convict.


There's a weird scene where out in the country where a girl wanders off after celebrating her 16th birthday with her dad. Some weird guys in robes show up, and the father tells them to "make it quick." She's then seen gacking out some weird gobledy-gook nonsense words in a green-lined balloon!

The Big Why.

Part two delves a little further into this abduction/robes back story as we venture further into Lincoln County, with Lillian in the lead. It ties up neatly in a simple good guy/bad guy showdown. I enjoyed reading that part the most. It was simple and direct.

Forgotten Hymns is a pretty good yarn so far. What's keeping it from being a great yarn is its too heavy reliance on mood and atmosphere in exchange for posing The Big Why. It's what I was expecting after the 2nd page of Part One but didn't get.

I compared this to the X-files earlier. Even the X-files had its 'Why', in the FBI being sent to 'get to the bottom of things' each week. Skully and Mulder played the skeptic/convert angle quite well in each mystery. Some stuff can be explained away, some can't.

If Andrew had been able to pose a 'Big Why' as to Forgotten Hymns it would've been a much easier story to follow. Like, why do random girls show up spouting nonsense language? As it is, Lillian Richmond and Howard Clayborn shuffle in their muddled, sort-of mysterious actions.

Part Three just got funded on Kickstarter, perhaps there will be more answers then.

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