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Here is a taster!

Our member Mike Richards from The Travelling Ape challenges the misconceptions surrounding the pursuit of visiting every country and sheds light on the incredible benefits of this unique travel goal.

The great thing about trying on visiting every country in the world is that it forces you to visit countries that most don’t ever consider going to. These are places perhaps without your typical ‘tourist landmarks’, or which most people deem to be ‘unsafe’ or ‘dangerous’. 

Read the full article How Visiting Every Country in the World Can Benefit Your Life.

Visiting Every Country - Poll Update  

Last week, we launched a POLL to explore your thoughts around the ambitious goal of visiting every country in the world.

Your responses are pouring in and currently we've got over 700 entries. If you haven't shared your ideas yet, please, have your say here.

People Who Visited Every County - REPORT

We are currently working on a massive report which will probably become the most extensive study ever on the people who have visited every country in the world.

You can expect to see it published this week. So, please, follow us on Instagram and Facebook in order to stay updated. And check out our blog.

Eight UN Masters in one photo in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan.


In the meantime, we can reveal that 2023 was the record year for most people visiting every country (50 new UN Masters that we know of for sure, and counting). So, stay tuned :-)

New DARE Places

We continue on expanding our ever growing Distinctive Alternative Remote Extremes (DARE) list, reaching 1356 truly unique destinations by now.

This week's new DARE places are all from the Eastern Asia megaregion:


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