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Social Selling - Why Sales Needs Content

Social intelligence in sales
Social intelligence is vital to sales success. Social media channels aren’t just for research and chasing down leads anymore. Sales people must educate themselves on the art of social selling. When done effectively it positions reps as thought leaders through their tweets and blog posts. Sales people must be actively involved on LinkedIn, Facebook and many more relevant social channels. Contributed by: Susan McKenney - Social Selling - Why Sales Needs Content

Be Clear - Crystal Clear

Make sure when you have that all-important interaction with a prospective client/customer that you’re ready for it. Have a plan, make sure the plan is well thought out and clear in its objectives. A well-defined, planned buyer journey can make or break companies today.  Contributed by: Tom Libby

Body Language Secrets to Improve Sales

Body Language Needs Attention
If 90% of our communication is non-verbal – and we’re in sales – that’s more than enough evidence to check-in on how we show up. And, what clues we give our audience. You don’t have to be in marketing to wonder what message you’re conveying. You’re communicating on a daily basis to prospects, your team, customers and even your family. Contributed by: Robin Samora Body Language Secrets to Improve Sales

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