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Tell Your Story in Your Email Marketing

But why…because doing so will transfer the aspirational emotion from your story to what you’re offering. It allows someone to connect with an idea that might otherwise seem impersonal or boring. And it makes your call to action feel like the next natural step for your audience.

Keep The List Clean

It’s vital to keep the database clear so that sales efforts are focused on the likely buyers in the group. In addition to names, titles and contact information, a good list will also include customer preferences, past orders and caller comments in special sections to make future interactions as relational as possible.  Article: Who’s On Your List Says Much About What Will Be In Your Wallet  Contributor: Ceri Ruenheck

How to Win Business with Story

If Content is King
We’ve all heard content is king.  One of the best ways to provide value in your business is through content – talks, email, blogs, videos, books . . . But if content is king, then story is the queen. Use stories to pitch and close deals.
Article: How to Win Business with Story Contributor: Gayle Nowak

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