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“If you don't go after what you want, you'll never have it. If you don't ask, the answer is always no. If you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.”- Nora Roberts


Wouldn't it be fun to 'make it rain' like in this gif? Well, I can't make it rain in the millions but I am offering to gift you with £250 CASH if you can do me a favour.

Things are going really well for me in Coaching and I couldn't be happier but the most difficult part of this business is getting in front of the right people. I completely understand that not everyone will be ready to spend the money on Coaching straight away which is why I offer the Ask me Anything so that you can at least get some help when you really need it. I've been getting lots of emails from you and I love this - just what I had hoped for so that we can actually create a two-way relationship with each other. Right now though, I need a favour from you and I really hope you can help.

If you think that what you've seen and heard from me so far could be really useful for the company you work with to implement - especially if you've been unable to invest in the Coaching for yourself yet - then please would you introduce me to the person who makes that decision. In return, if the company signs up to my Coaching, I'll gift you with £250 cash - I chose cash because it's tangible and we can always appreciate an extra bit in our accounts, right? Details about my company coaching is HERE. You can do whatever you want with that cash, no strings.😉 so to recap, that's £250 cash for helping me out.

On to this week's email... This week, I proclaim that the teacher has become the student! I did my back in last week in a bid to have everything 'just so' in the new house 😳 #fail.

So I rested. I had two massages and rested. The most I was able to do was type - thankfully, as my first 'Ask the Expert' column comes out soon in Female First Magazine and I needed to write it!

Shall I tell you what I learned from this? I need a bloody holiday! I mean, sunshine, cocktails, room service, housekeeping and even a buffet so I don't even have to think about what I'm eating! Along with signing up to regular Pilates classes and swimming to strengthen my body.

Which of course inspired this week's blog - Travel as Therapy: The rise of the Healing Holiday. It's a slightly edited version of one I've written before but was well worth me reading again. It's definitely time for a real rest. I talk about planning trips in advance for the year ahead so that you know you're having regular breaks and have something great to look forward to but since we were selling, I was too anxious to leave in the middle of it - just in case - but so wish I had done. Now, work is really busy and I don't want to lose momentum but I do feel with the affect the stress of selling and moving has had on my physical body, it's time to regroup, have a few days away and then come back refreshed. I mostly need someone to take care of everything for me. I need to not have to think. I need to stop doing for a bit. 

If any of this sounds familiar to you too, then have a read of the blog for some scientific reasons to get away asap! Of course, you can always join me in Spain in September 😉 - if you reply to this email, I'll let you have the £100 off that expired at the end of May - I'm nice like that 🥰 Details below and here are those testimonials if you want to know more.

Oh and you know the hotel partnership I mentioned last week...? Well it's a GO! Details hopefully in the coming weeks but I can tell you that I will be hosting a 1 day workshop to Reset and Refocus - it's a mini Frankly Unstoppable if you're strapped for time complete with indulgent 90 mins Spa treatment, specially curated wellness-based (but Michelin star quality yumminess) Breakfast and Lunch menus, Gift bags with products and 5 hours of Coaching with me in a 5* Luxury hotel suite in London. By the end of this day, you'll not only feel great but you'll also have a bit of control back in your life to help with moving forward - whatever your goals.

Have a a great week, - I will be resting and working and doing lots and lots of Pilates! 💃🏽

Lots of love

Puja x

Frankly Unstoppable Retreat
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4th - 9th September 2019

5 nights, 6 days in the Andalusian sunshine at the Lucia Yoga Centre

£1220 single excl flights & transfers

£1070 twin excl flights & transfers

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