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"If" vs. "In Case"

“If” and “in case” are often used interchangeably by German speakers, but they actually have different meanings. See if you can complete the following sentence:

    I’ll take my umbrella with me  if  /  in case    it rains.

This is a trick question! The sentence could be completed either way, but it would have two different meanings.

“If” is just used to express a condition. The sentence “I’ll take an umbrella with me if it rains,” is a correct sentence, and it means “I’ll wait to see if it rains. If it does rain, I will take the umbrella. If it doesn’t rain, I won’t take the umbrella.”

In case
“In case” is used to express a possibility or a precaution – you do something now, in case something else happens (or doesn’t happen) later. The sentence “I’ll take my umbrella with me in case it rains,” is also a correct sentence, and it means “I’ll take my umbrella with me so that I will be prepared, because it might rain.”

Here are a few more examples for you:

  • If someone doesn’t want coffee, I can make some tea. (I will wait to see if someone doesn’t want coffee, and then I will make some tea if necessary.)
  • We’ve made some tea as well, in case someone doesn’t want coffee. (The tea has been made in advance, as a precaution, but we don’t know if anyone will drink it.)

NB: The phrase “just in case” is very common and is used to express that one is just taking precautions. For example:

  • I’ll take my umbrella just in case.
  • I’ll make some tea just in case.

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