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March 2022


Welcome to Stories Served Around The Table News To Nosh—a monthly newsletter covering my ongoing journey as an author. You will find writerly updates, a book review or two, and, perhaps, a shared article that may resonate with readers and writers. Keep an eye out for the monthly giveaways and upcoming events. 

How ya' doin'? Are you keeping warm and safe, and having some fun?

I escaped the New York snow and freezing temps by spending February on Hilton Head Island with my husband, Matt, and near my daughter's family. The condo we rented was one short block to the ocean and a few miles from the kids. Sunrise beach walks, scrumptious shrimp dishes, bike rides, and quality grandkid-time made for a cozy month.

February Recap

I put two-thousand miles on my car during the first week. After an amazing bareboat trip to the BVI with 45 of my favorite relations, Matt and I drove from New York to South Carolina, then headed to Orlando to meet the famous mouse and princesses with the kids, drove further south to visit my mom, then circled back, swung by Great Aunt Tosca before heading back to South Carolina. Whew!

I had a lively book discussion with the Big Magic Book Club at the Port Jefferson Library. The ladies and I Zoomed in on February 17th. Thanks to Stephanie Rabel for organizing the date. It was a great night meeting and chatting with these well read bibliophiles.

Even though I was not home, technology allowed me to keep writing and learning. I participated in writing sprints, writers’ groups, and several webinars. Setting up my writing "office" on the beach was pretty cool, too.

Catching Up

In case you missed any of February’s blog posts, here they are:

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The Eves

Writerly News

 The third book to my Becoming America’s Stories series is taking shape. I used this picture as inspiration to a story arc within the novel.

My spunky protagonist, Lily, meets her young aunt, Zia Teresa, who arrived from Sicily with two stepsons. There is something “fishy” about how Zia Teresa and the boys came to America, and there are suspicions and lies to uncover. This story ends the year, 1911, with 10-year-old Lily and her family and friends navigating life in the New World to make their wishes for an American dream come true. The research rabbit holes allows me to collect more information about immigration processes, family superstitions, and holiday celebrations in the tenements. A title is forthcoming. Stay tuned.

The 2022 Women in Publishing Summit. is almost here!. This is a huge virtual conference for women in the publishing industry. Alexa Bigwarfe and her amazing team put together craft, marketing, business, and fellowship workshops for writers at all levels in their journey. I participated last year, came away with a load of information and strategies, and found wonderful like-minded women who share this crazy writing passion. In fact, the writers’ group I joined from the networking will be featured in the pre-conference webinar on February 27th!. The Women in Publishing Summit runs from March 2-5, 2022. You can check it out here.


I am running a book funnel campaign to celebrate National Reading Month.

Children’s Book Authors-You are invited to join by offering activities and craft projects that complement your books. My freebie is a craft packet for The Heart of Bakers and Artists and The Dreams of Singers and Sluggers.

Readers' Corner

I love to read, don’t you? Writers are readers first. It is important to share book reviews so that fellow readers may find their next great read. Presently, my TBR list contains children’s picture books to middle grade and YA novels. I am also reading short story collections and women’s fiction.

The Eves

by Grace Sammon

A story told by a master storyteller

 You will need a box of tissues while reading this beautiful novel about forgiveness, love lost and gained, and truth. I was initially drawn to the setting of The Eves—the history of the Maryland shore, the majestic Chesapeake, and the bustle of Washington, DC. Ms. Sammons painted the scenes beautifully without bogging down the story. 

And what a story! Jessica Barnett tells her version of loss, the lies she tells, and the guarded avoidances. Her despair blinds her from the blessings of a beautiful friendship with Sonia, a relationship with Sonia’s daughter, and the budding love with handyman, Roy. Jessica’s life turns around when she meets a group of elders, women who, for a variety of serendipitous events, live together at The Eves, a sustainable community. Each character had a clear voice, a distinct presence, and a story to tell and learn from. Jessica was tasked to hear and record their stories, their legacies, and eventually found the peace and courage to face her demons and let love enter her life. 

The power of story weaved throughout the book. The only disappointment was learning that The Eves was a completely fictitious place. How I wish The Eves truly existed! What a gift it would be and the stories that could be told. 

Bits to Share

I saved a great article from last spring, The Impact of Author Visits by Carrie Charly Brown in Writers Rumpus website. Ms. Brown highlighted the incredible learning experiences and inspiration kids and teachers gain by meeting and interacting with authors. For over two years, the pandemic has limited or completely disseminated all visiting author programs. I miss going into the classrooms, meeting young readers and talking about writing and reading stories. The article hit all the important points about inviting authors into schools, be it live or virtual.

Upcoming Events

Please contact me ( ) to schedule book talks and other bookish events. I am available for virtual and live presentations.

I am encouraged that my calendar has upcoming dates for Author-Illustrator Nights and conferences to connect with teachers, librarians, and kids.

March 21 St Rose of Lima School Massapequa, NY 

March 25 Long Island Language Arts Council/Nassau Reading Council Melville, NY

April 11th Author-Illustrator Night Middle Country Schools, NY

May 18th Author-Illustrator Night Hampton Bays, NY

May 21st NYS Library Association SSL Verona, NY

If you are a teacher, librarian, or PTO chairperson searching for engaging and fun Meet the Author programs, PLEASE email me at

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