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Sugaridoo Bernina QAL part 9

Heyy wonderful quilters!

Did you ever do embroidery? Any cross stitching? It was one of the first crafts I learned. This row was inspired by the structure of those pretty X shapes of the cross stitches. 

It is time for row #3 which is called 'Cross stitch'. Another foundation paper piecing row. Let's go!

Happy Quilting!

Hugs Irene

Written instructions

You'll find all the instructions to make this row on the Bernina blog. You can read the blog post in: 




Also feel free to ask your questions in one of those languages!

Video instructions

With every row I'll make a video where you see me making the row.  Check out the video below:

You can share your progress in our Facebook group an on Instagram #SugaridooBerninaQAL.

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Lemmer, Netherlands

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