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Mamma Mia, here we go again

Apart from our local MP Adam Holloway, what do these politicians and experts not get about Covid? Privileged people playing posture politics, so few of them ever having run a business - they are completely clueless on the implications of their crass discussions and decisions.

Gravesham and especially Meopham along with the vast majority in the south have generally been following the rules, playing it safe, avoiding the crowds and the frolicking freshers, which is why we are relatively unscathed by the disease. To lump Bartellas with the bish bosh boozers in the Midlands and up North is a disgrace - don’t even get me started on that Wee Bernie.

We’ve been required to perform too many miracles in the last seven months with the on off brakes, general restraint of trade and more recently dressing up like numbskulls - it is time now to kick back and say, “I’ll run my business as I see fit thanks”.

We will continue to be a supremely safe place to enjoy some hours of sanctuary from all the utter madness out there with family and friends in sensible numbers, sensibly spaced and at sensible times with experienced and knowledgeable staff who are there to welcome you and perform their duties without them suffering unnecessary irritation and stress.

There will doubtless be a number of Covid Karens and Kevins in the building or marshalling the area when not on their keyboards, keen to make their point - they are seriously not welcome at Bartellas and need to stay safe at home or go elsewhere rather than them add to the pandemonium of the pandemic.

We look forward to welcoming you fantastic regulars back with all our usual style, regardless of any latest Government edict or so called guidance.

As a token of our appreciation of your encouraging and tremendous support, Mondays to Thursdays throughout November a complimentary bottle of wine up to the value of £30 will be available for Club Bartellas members - usual rules please, one per paid up member etc.

As ever,



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