Today the kitchen will serve: How to disrupt banking, an easy holiday read and the concept of half-decisions.

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Today the kitchen will serve:

How to disrupt banking, an easy holiday read and the concept of half-decisions.


Many industries have recently been disrupted by the boom in technology.

Surprisingly, despite the FinTech buzz, the banking industry hasn’t changed much in the last century.

Piotr Smoleń proves this and then proposes a solution in his Symmetrical Manifesto.

A must read for everyone (not only finance experts) as it explains the flow of money, technological advancement and is written in a very clear and engaging manner.

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I have been accused multiple times of being deadly serious.

Mostly by those who do not know me in person, which means: subscribers of this newsletter who receive a very serious book recommendation every week.

So today, due to the holiday season, I risk sharing with you a piece of paperback fiction.

Ben Sanders is a young writer from New Zealand. I have really enjoyed his detective stories, that take place in the US, thanks to his vivid language and weird characters.

Start with “American Blood”. It sucked me in and carried me away for a few amazing hours.

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Yesterday a friend of mind said:

“I need to start this YouTube channel, that I’ve been planning to launch for months”.

There are the tasks you think you want to do, you say you will but for some reason you never do.

I believe it is a state in the middle of making a decision. I’d call these thoughts half-made decisions.

You may feel that you should do something or you want to do it… one day.

But there is no true commitment behind it and no deadline.

So you walk around with these half-made decisions in your head.

All they bring you are  feelings of guilt and useless self-doubt

What I do with half-made decisions is put them on a to-do list for the year 2021.

They are neither dumped nor due. And I can relax.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. I’ve recently interviewed Ed Ruszczyc (partner at Displate - ca. 1M followers on Facebook) on my podcast. If you happen to know Polish - you need to listen.

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