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Lucy's Personal Update:

Greetings everyone! Thank you to each and every person who helped me clear out the Axfords, Vollers and Rebel Madness corsets from my shop, and thank you to everyone who wrote me kind messages of support last month when I was feeling depressed about my postponed wedding. June was spent  in quiet reflection and clearing out the old, and now that it's July, I'm so excited for new beginnings!

Bringing back Youtube videos, starting new work and home projects, and launching a new corset line - and speaking of which, the Gemini longline is finally here!

Introducing the Gemini Longline Corset!
See the Gem Long now!

How it's the same as the original Gemini:

The Gem Long has the same rib and hip springs compared to the original Gemini (8.5" rib spring, 12" upper hip spring, 16" lower hip spring).

The Gem Long is also available in both rib silhouettes (straight / conical rib, and round / cupped rib), so whether you have rigid or flexible ribs, naturally tapered or naturally fuller, we have you covered!

The Gem Long and the original Gemini both cover the hips and have a high back.

How it's different from the original Gemini:

The Gem Long is the same length from the waist up, but 2 inches longer over the hip, so it covers and supports more of a long-waisted person's torso, and flattens more of the lower tummy, without lifting up the bustline.

The Gem Long is perfect for someone who has a long torso but is is high waisted, and has a more gradual and sloping hip spring (one does not need a “high, square hip-shelf” in order to wear the longline!)

The Gem Long is also Timeless Trends' first longline corset without adjustable hip ties - which means that it is smoother under clothing, and those with sensitive hips don’t have to worry about any ribbon leaving imprints over the hip bones.

Need a quick sizing recommendation? Click here!

ROUND Rib - Indigo Satin

CONICAL Rib - Jade Satin

ROUND Rib - Black Cashmere

CONICAL Rib - Black Cashmere

ROUND Rib - Creme Cotton

CONICAL Rib - Creme Cotton

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