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Welcome to this week's Independent Living news roundup.

18.11.20 Contents:

Stealing PIP?

Stop the Pressure!

COVID: The power of light

Rehab robot

Technology enabled care

Latest - Children with autism

Local authorities stealing pip?

1. Stealing PIP?

Mo Stewart is a disabled veteran and healthcare professional by training. She has spent 10 years exposing the pernicious effects of welfare "reforms" on people living with disabilities.

She has written an article for Independent Living about the way local authorities are assuming PIP (Personal Independence Payment) awards should be taken to fund social care needs, and what she did when it happened to her.

Read her article here

Stop Pressure ulcers 2020

2. Stop the Pressure!

Florence Nightingale famously asserted that pressure ulcers were a consequence of the standard of nursing care a patient received, rather than the illness they had.

150 years later, pressure damage costs the NHS an estimated £3.8 million a day. Tomorrow, 19th November, is "Stop the Pressure" day, and it's a good moment to look at the helpful resources we have on Independent Living - including innovative technology from expert suppliers such as Dan Medica South, Airospring, Rober, Arjo, Opera Care, Theraposture, Yorkshire Care, Benmor Medical, Win Health...

Not to mention a powerful article from award-winning Times columnist, Melanie Reid, exploring the subject from the sharp end, as it were...

UV light to sterilise premises

3. COVID: The power of light

I am lucky enough to get my water direct from a spring in the Scottish hills, without any interventions en route. To make sure it is safe to drink, I have a UV light steriliser system.

Well UV light is also a great solution to sanitising premises, killing coranavirus and other nasties. Our COVID Secure section has a new showcase page subscriber, LED Direct. Their Purelight Flow luminaire uses the power of UV-C rays to protect places and people from the virus.

View their showcase page

Rehab robot To help stroke survivors

4. Rehab Robot

I have just come across a clever new portable rehabilitation tool which can help stroke survivors recover the ability to move and perform tasks with their hands independently.

We all know how important it is to get physiotherapy in the immediate aftermath of a stroke, but many people don't, leaving them with more serious disabilities than might otherwise have been the case.

Developed by a Malaysian engineer, Che Fai Yeong, the Rehab Robot could enable more survivors to regain a significant degree of independence.

More details here

Role of technology enabled care

5. Technology enabled care

Two national care bodies have joined forces to make recommendations to government, the health, care and housing sectors and the technology enabled care (TEC) industry on the role of digital in a reformed adult social care system.

The Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) and the TEC Services Association (TSA) have set up a Commission to explore how better access to technology could improve joint working between health, social care and housing and offer more preventative, responsive support, shaped around the individual.

Read more here

Spotting early signs of autism

6. Latest - Children with autism

Coronavirus has disrupted so many aspects of healthcare, it should probably not come as a surprise that recent research has revealed that more than 128,000 children with suspected autism are at risk of being un- or misdiagnosed due to the closure of vital services.

Autism Parenting Magazine decided to create a comprehensive guide to spotting the early signs, to enable parents to get a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

Read more here

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