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NOVEMBER 14, 2020


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As fellow parents of adventurous explorers, we recognize the importance of encouraging our kids to discover the natural world around them. 

Whether it's pondering the vastness of our universe, or delving into a world teeming with life in our own backyards, there's plenty for us to uncover.

So, who are we? 

Well, first of all, we're not experts and we'll never claim to be. 

We're not educators either, and we're happy to admit that we don't have all the answers. 

We are, however, dads of kids who love to explore and learn, and we're passionate about helping them do just that in a fun, approachable, kid-friendly way.

That's why we created Wowzerful, a weekly newsletter full of eye-popping wowzers and fascinating wonder from the natural world.

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say your prayers
The Praying Mantis

Ahhh, the Praying Mantis. Stealth assassin. Master of disguise. Ninja of the insect world.

We could think of no better creature to launch our new Wowzerful adventure with. After all, when it comes to insects, the Praying Mantis is a kid favourite - and it’s quickly becoming one of ours!

With its lightning quick reflexes, spiked raptorial legs and an uncanny ability to blend into its environment, unsuspecting victims stand little chance of survival when confronted by this formidable predator. 

Known to take down flies, aphids, frogs, birds, snakes and even rodents, the Praying Mantis isn’t choosy about what it consumes for its next meal - what it can catch, it will eat!


Kingdom: Animalia
Class: Insecta
Order: Mantodea
Life span: Up to 1 year
Location: Temperate locations worldwide
mantis illustration


  • The only insect that can turn its head from side to side with a remarkable 180 degrees of movement.
  • There are two martial arts that have movements and fighting strategies based on those of the mantis - Northern Praying Mantis and Southern Praying Mantis, both of which originated in China.
  • Praying Mantises have two bulbous compound eyes and three small simple eyes. Their compound eyes can contain up to 10,000 ommatidia (individual “eye units”).
  • Some species are able to turn themselves black after a molt in order to disguise themselves in a fire-ravaged landscape.
  • Praying Mantises are the only known animals to have one ear, which is located in the center of their thoraxes.
  • Most species are cannibalistic. In other words, they are completely fine with eating other Mantises. Yum!

Check out this cool Kung Fu Praying Mantis video from BBC Earth we found for you!

BBC Earth |  YouTube

say your prayers

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Taste of Home

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Designed by Nature

We absolutely love these downloadable nature-themed wallpapers for your phone.

Visuals of Earth


Look deep into nature,
and then you will understand everything better.

—Albert Einstein


What did the mother worm say to the little worm who was late?

Where in earth have you been?

Until next week...

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- Wowzerful

Today’s email was written by Geoff W with contributions by Branden S.

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