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UPM Secures World’s Top 32nd Place and Asia’s 3rd Best in UI-Greenmetric Ranking

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) made world history when it was ranked 32nd best in the world in the rating of UI-Greenmetric World University Ranking 2018 based on sustainability of green campus and environmental management. Read More

Bilitec, an Innovative Giagnosis of Jaundice Without Blood Samples

The technology will detect the bilirubin level based on the baby's skin or eye colour thus, reducing the need to extract blood sample for examination or screening purposes.  Read More

UPM Creates Technology to Help Prevent Crime Through Early Detection

The FITRAH Box uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology and works to prevent individuals from committing crimes, and it is equipped with human identification and criminal activity identification technology as well as strategy-generation technology to outsmart perpetrators. Read More

UPM Scientists Test Radiation Detector Sample at the International Space Station

UPM has two samples for the experiment, namely, the E-SOFPADS and I-SOFPADS. Each sample will be tested for 300 days and 360 days, both inside and outside of Japan Experiment Module (KIBO), ISS to determine the reaction of the fibre optic in microgravity against the radiation level of the astronauts working in the ISS. Read More

Buddies Association UPM Organises Malaysian Cultural Day

The objectives of the program is to expose the international students on the arts and cultures of Malaysia. The program also managed to enhance the communication skills of the students involved. Read More

UPM Students Celebrate Children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism

The Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, UPM organised a dinner to celebrate children with cerebral palsy and autism. The Grateful & Giving Gala Dinner was organised to raise funds for the execution of the Grateful & Giving programme in the future. Read More

BSMM UPM Students Host Community Service Activities

Students from the Malaysian Red Crescent (BSMM) Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) organised Tautan Budi Bersama Komuniti Port Dickson 2018, a programme aimed at promoting and providing exposure towards volunteerism among students. Read More

UPM Emerged as the Champion of MAKUM Zapin Festival 2018 for the Fourth Time

UPM, which was represented by a dance group from ADIMASTULI Dance Club, UPM, also won the Best Arrangement Award at the festival. They brought home RM3,250 in cash prize and a round trophy. Read More

Cousberry Wins the Competition in Student Menu Innovation Day 2018

The group hopes to promote couscous to the Malaysian society as it contains a lot of benefits such as antioxidant and anticancer agents, while its preparation is easy, and the nutrients in it could be retained.  Read More

I’m Happy to Ease Peoples’ Journey: Uncle Sri

His friendly attitude is appreciated by UPM staff and students, as well as the public. Without his knowledge, UPM posted a photo of him with a caption ‘Good Morning Uncle Sri’ on UPM Facebook Page on 29 October during the 42nd Convocation Ceremony. Read More

UPM-MPSJ Preserve Community Service Programmes

The programme was carried out to conserve the environment, restore community facilities and strengthen the rapport among UPM, Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) and the surrounding residents. Read More

Hotel Place2Stay @The Mines KUPUTRA Officiated

It is ideal accommodation for those who wish to spend the night on work assignments, meetings and for the purpose of studies at educational institutions around Seri Kembangan, Serdang and Putrajaya. Read More

High Value Farming Seminar Attracts 200 Participants

With regard to agriculture, the main issues of concern that surround the Malaysian agriculture today are ensuring food security for the nation through parallel efforts to sustain and increase exports of agricultural produce. Read More

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