Dear Friends

Thank you for being so patient with my last newsletter (sermon).  Funny thing, only two unsubscribed!!!  Anyway,  this newsletter has some great news about the new small and slim EarthTides which has been blessed to be called EarthTides...and the previous laaaarger enclosure will only be used for those who special order a double.

I am writing this from Rosses Point up from Sligo Ireland and I am trying to remember if Earthtides weights 1.7 pounds of 2.7 pounds...but it's hardly something.  It is about the size of my algebra book when I was in high school 850 years ago.  It uses the same components and about 18 months ago I lengthened the life of all the cables by doing some magic.  You will love the new cables as well.

                                   Rosses Point across the water from here, Strandhill

My dear daughter Diana is my fulfillment agent while I am away in Ireland and she is doing a great job shipping the new EarthTides and stainless steel plates.  Oh,  and about the plates, Keep using your plates until they are just too short to use. As long as bubbles are coming up from the water you are creating hydroxides necessary for neutralizing the positive charge on the heavy metals, toxins, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

If you don't own EarthTides and you want one, visit the person who introduced you to it. That person will get you one for retail $710 and perhaps a discount.  Once you own one you can buy them at wholesale.  Several years ago I got a phone call from a man in New York who bought EarthTides at a garage sale for $5.00...he was in the market for plates...and yes, he qualified to purchase EarthTides wholesale.  For those of you who own EarthTides, if you want too sell or share EarthTides with others, here is your link to purchase the new small and slim EarthTides at a wholesale price of $510 which includes shipping in America. The previous model size is not available because of the popularity of this
newer model. If you need a double...the previous size enclosure is used.

EarthTides is using a 200 watt  transformer which is twice the power that you need to ionize water.  It has a fan that is controlled by a thermal switch set for 112 degrees Fahrenheit.  If it happens to go on, just remember that it is doing it's job, keeping the transformer cool.

As you are aware,  you can use the ionizing body detox and the micro current device at the same time or separately.  The micro current device works all by itself.  Just plug it in and start zapping.  There are rumors spreading around that the micro current device mitigates pain.  Keep me in the loop if you have any such experiences.

I get requests from time to time on how to change the input is a picture. The size is 5amp 20mm x 5mm fast blow fuse.

Recall and a Minor Fix

Tens of thousands of people have used the BodyGuard/EarthTides over the past 16 years with wonderful results and Your Safety is the most important part of my job...and I love it. Over the years as people do stupid things with their units, I discover ways to make EarthTides even safer. To reach a higher certification level of safety, I want to do a simple wire reconfiguration on about 11 units I have made over the past 8 years.


I built 3 triples that would allow three people to use the BodyGuard at one time. If you own a triple, contact me for a shipping label. You should have your BodyGuard back within a week.


I built 8 units with the power plug-in on the right rear panel, looking from the back as shown in the picture. Call me if you have one. We can reroute three cables in about 5 minutes on the phone.       602-727-6321...WhatsApp while I am in Ireland.  

Until next time, as questions rise up, feel free to email, text or phone me any time.  I am here.       

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