Melville Residents' Association: Physical Environment Portfolio

Dear Community,

There will be another A Re Sebetseng Initiative on the 13th of October and  the councillor has asked us to get involved by cleaning up our street. Further information related to how you can contribute by cleaning up some of Melville will be circulated in due course.

Further to this, various city departments including JMPD, JRA, City Power and Pikitup will be coming through in the morning to attend to outstanding issues in a blitz.

The councillor has asked us to submit a consolidated list of outstanding gripes, ranging from pavements that have not been reinstated, to illegal dumping that can be cleared up, bylaw infringements by business owners  and non-working street lights, etc.

Please submit a complaint with  details in respect of the address and any additional details and it will go on the list. In respect of streetlights, we suggest that everyone  step outside tomorrow night or tonight and check if the streetlights on their street are working, if not, please record the pole number and closest address.

Please submit your complaint to  by Monday the 8th of October. Kindly provide a description of the complaint and the details relating to the address or name of establishment as well as your own details. Your details will not be made public but are required for record purposes.

Further details will be communicated.

Kind Regards,

MRA Physical Environment Portfolio
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