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Connecticut Rivers Council

CEO Steven Smith


For Immediate Release

Youth from Across the Country Come to Connecticut Virtually 

East Hartford, CT, When state officials put into act the closure of youth group camping across the state, the camps run by the local Boy Scouts were forced to pivot and find new ways to serve youth over the summer. 

In the Connecticut Rivers Council which oversees Scouting in 75% of the state, moved to a virtual camp with some in-person day programming. When the Council launched the virtual camp they had no idea the scope or impact it would have.  Camp Kinda-Like-A opened this summer for the first time ever and brought Scouts together from 32 states and even different countries to Connecticut virtually.  In addition, for those Scouts who live in the region had the opportunity to participate in-person swimming, sailing, and scuba programs. Camp Kinda-Like-A finishes today and the staff would like to thank all of the 1,315 campers from around the country who participated this summer.   This year has been different for everyone and our summer camps some of which have operated continuously for over 85 years were closed. However, with the advent of Camp Kinda-Like-A Scouts could earn badges, sing songs, enjoy campfires, and interact with Scouts from around the country.  The virtual camp in Connecticut was one of the biggest camps of its kind in the country and will be part of the program mix moving forward. 

The Connecticut Rivers Council proudly serves over 13,000 boys and girls throughout Connecticut with the time-tested leadership training program of Scouting. The Connecticut Rivers Council will enthusiastically meet new challenges head-on and continue to offer quality programming and services to the communities we serve.

Yours in the Community,

Connecticut Rivers Council


Connecticut Rivers Council

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