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Hey ,

Once upon a time, I thought that password managers were of the devil.

How can it be safe to store my passwords online, all in one place?

Plus, won't it be time-consuming to set up and maintain online password storage?

Those were my thoughts.

But then I did some research.

And I found that, though password managers certainly don't guarantee password safety, they're leagues better than typical storage methods.

Let's be honest -- most of us store passwords on paper on our desk. Or on a Word Doc on our hard drive (guilty).

And we use the same passwords for multiple accounts (again, guilty).

The bottom line is, password managers provide a level of security that's far beyond what most of us manage on our own.

And bonus, they're seriously convenient. 

I love my password manager. 

It integrates seamlessly with my browser. 

It auto-fills all of my login details for me, and generates secure passwords for me so I don't use the same one, ever.

It saves me so much time.

I use LastPass (though I know 1Password is great, too). 

Many of my clients come to me without secure password storage; they simply aren't aware of how easy a problem it is to solve.

I'm making it a point now to discuss this with them.

Get a password manager -- it'll change your life.

Hope that was helpful, 


P.S. If you're still not convinced about the security of password managers, read more about it in Forbes, The Washington Post, and Credit Karma.

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