Hi Friend,

I often ask myself, why do I enjoy Anne Rice or Stephen King? Why do I explore supernatural elements in the thrillers I write?

I guess, because I’ve lived through amazing (amazing as in Amazing Stories) and inexplicable events. I’ve wondered if such events were coincidental. Or was Jung’s synchronicity principle at play?

What’s synchronicity? Let’s say, there’s a void somewhere and simultaneously something appears to fill that void. That’s synchronicity.

I want to share one such event that sent me down a different path for more than a decade.

I was on the subway in Boston. I lived in Providence, forty-five minutes away, and would often go to Boston to Harvard Square bookstores.

An approaching bout of depression prompted the trip. I was trying to finish my first novel, while working sixty- to eighty-hour weeks at a software company. I went up to Boston to browse through bookstores, hoping there was an author who understood my dilemma and could solve it.

I found nothing and felt the gloom and weight of depression moving closer.

Then, riding the Red Line from Cambridge back to the Boston Amtrak station, my foot slid on something.

I looked down. There was a booklet, its cover a slick black with ten colored globes, looking sort of like a tinker toy construction (for those of you old enough to remember tinker toys).

Builders of the Adytum

This pamphlet’s title? An Introduction to B.O.T.A.  I thought, ‘What in the hell is B.O.T.A.?’ I opened to the first page and read…

In two weeks, I’ll let you know what I found.

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