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Here's Our Tuesday Feature!
DARK BILLIONAIRES & MEAN BOSSES: A Collection of the First Book in 6 Series by Chloe Fischer (Author)

A boxset of firsts...

What better way to fall into SIX new series?

Book 1 in The Revenge Series: REVENGE UNLEASHED 
Luke, He’s exactly where he wants to be – until Meredith storms into his life and f**ks it all up.
He’s heir to a billion-dollar fortune, but he walked away from it all. 
No one knew why – and no one would ever understand.
Now, fifteen years later, he’s a wildly successful soldier turned MMA fighter. 
Life is great – until Meredith explodes into his life. She’s practically daring him to take her down. 
She better watch out, because she has no idea what she’s asking for.
And if she’s not careful, she’s going to get exactly what she deserves. 

Meredith, the hottest new lawyer on the Chicago scene.
An indecent proposal that she can’t turn down.
Can she give up control? It’s the only way, really, because he has something that she wants – badly.
If she can do it, then she wins. 
But will the prize be worth letting him tear her apart?

Book 1 in The Mafia Series: TAKING MY MAFIA PRINCESS
She’s pure, undiluted, sex-on-a-stick. And she knows it. 
See, Celina has a bad habit of crushing her protection team. She’s made a game out of chewing them up and spitting them out – just to prove she’s smarter than all of them. 

Well, she’s going to learn a hard lesson from me. 

Just when I think I have her tamed, in one final act of defiance, she gives me the slip…
Now her life is in danger, and I’m pissed.
When I save her pretty little neck, I’m going to teach her an important lesson. 
Man, sometimes I love my job.

Book 1 in The Hard Series: HARD INSTINCTS
He was abandoned as a young boy, with no one to show him how to control his secret powers. 
He grew up lonely and traumatized, joining the military as soon as he could. 
His powers helped him become a successful special ops soldier – and also alerted his father to where he was.
Now he’s torn – does he help his father locate his three missing, powerful brothers and defeat the organization that tore them apart decades ago?
Or save Paige from the violent secret that haunts her.
And when Paige finds out what he can do, will she turn against him – or towards him?

Book 1 in the Harder Series: HARDER THAN STONE
No one can make my blood pressure soar faster than Dr. Jameson – he is such a conceited jerk!
If I had known we'd be fighting for our lives, racing through the jungle, I would have stayed locked up in the compound my parents wanted to keep me in…
I mean, there’s no arguing that he is hot, 
And yeah, he knows how to keep us alive in this disaster, 
But daaamn, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore his…

Then he finds out about my “abilities”, my secret powers.
The reason we’re being hunted in the first place.
He’s doing everything to keep me safe, 
But he just doesn’t know what we're up against..

Book 1 in The Protectors Series: BLACKMAIL
DIREN – he’s rich, gorgeous, charming…and a total A$$.
AYLA – she’s stunning, innocent, loyal…and she’s being blackmailed.

There's not a woman alive who could break through Diren’s jaded walls. Until Ayla proved everyone wrong and did the unimaginable.

But then Diren discovers that Ayla is hiding a secret, that she’s just like everyone else who uses him, then betrays him.

Now those walls are stronger than ever, and Diren vows to make Ayla pay.

Will he understand that she had no choice...before he destroys her?

Book 1 in The Deviants Series by Jacey Ward: DEMON TAKES ALL
She’s the best thief around - and she'll need every advantage.
In order to save her daughter's life, Arya needs to steal a talisman from a vicious demon lord - who just happens to be her daughter's lying father.
But most important of all? Dante doesn't know that the little girl even exists - and it has to stay that way. So getting caught is NOT an option.

About the author...
Chloe Fischer

Chloe Fischer grew up in the North, where lying by the fire and dreaming about hot alpha males led her to writing these steamy tales of suspense and passion. She has three gorgeous huskies named Tacoma, Chicago, and Nikki (after Nikki Sixx, of course).
These days, Chloe tries to stay in the South, where the beach makes up for the lack of a cozy fireplace. She's always writing, so expect her next story to come out soon!

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