Hey friend!


I've done it! I've overcome my battle with writer's block. What a few weeks it has been. Every time I've sat down to write, I've been unmotivated and distracted. The key to getting it all together was taking a step back and reanalyzing what tasks were most important to complete. To make a long story short, I FINALLY got the roadside stand set-up and what weight to be lifted off my shoulders! The heat we had last weekend followed by two days of rain really stressed me out. #Farmlife

The awning is crooked and I need more stands but it's a start!

These last few weekends I've been focusing on spending time with the girls. Summer is only so long, I want to enjoy it! Chris and I took the girls fishing a few nights and we did awesomely bad! I'm not sure if its bad luck or bad timing, but we're 0:2 for the summer. It's supposed to be about the time together, right?? (Don't tell but I'm so on a mission to break our streak!)

Keep your fingers crossed that I can keep my life together! I'm feeling refreshed and ready to roll, I'll talk to you next week!

Enjoy your weekend and remember to #LoveTheLifeYouLive,


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