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Hey there friends of Mister Black!

I hope you're not in the northeast like I am because here in the Lowell area of Massachusetts -- and throughout the rest of the State -- we are SNOWED IN.  It's a veritable blizzard.  It was supposed to be a bad storm, what they call a Nor'Easter here, but I thought it was supposed to stop snowing around 11AM and it's still snowing HARD right now. We're lucky we still have electricity. 

We had a Nor'Easter last week, which wasn't even as bad as this, and there are still people who haven't gotten their power back from after that storm.  During the last storm, our power went out three times, but the longest was only 20 minutes.  So, we were very, very lucky.  We had relatives sleeping over here because their house had no heat without the power.  To that end, we lose heat without the power, too. 

Praying that we don't lose power.  The reason it keeps happening to people is that most of the trees around here are getting to be old and they're not very stable.  You put heavy, wet snow on all of their branches and down go the branches.  Entire trees went down with the last storm, too. And when they fall, they tend to take power lines down with them.  That's the big problem, trees knocking power lines down.  Then the tree has to be removed from the lines before the electric company can even start to work.  I give them a lot of credit.  They have people working up to 16 hour shifts.  Same with the people who plow for the town. My hat's off to them.

So, I've created a new Book of Shadows poll.  It asks 8 simple questions and getting your responses to this poll is very important to me.  It could be to you, too, as it could influence future plotlines. Book of Shadows 4 was written after taking what I learned from the previous poll into consideration and it influenced a few decisions I made.  Suffice to say, your answers matter to me.


Currently, I'm still working on Book of Shadows 4.  Ideas for improvements keep coming to me and I keep making them.  Eventually, I'll know it's perfect (in my opinion) and I'll stop.  At that point, I will ask if any of you would like to play editor and find the typos for me again.  In exchange, you'll get to read the book ahead of everyone else, including ARC readers.  And I'll give you a copy of the final version when the book comes out. 

Speaking of ARC readers, I gave out 50 ARC copies of Book of Shadows 3.  11 of you were honest people and left me reviews.  (And I loved them all!)  But 39 of you said you'd post a review and yet here we are weeks and weeks after I gave you the ARC copies and you still haven't posted reviews.  So, I have come up with a new policy for this, which is that people who want ARC copies must show me that they have already reviewed one of my books in the past.  You can send me a link to your review or take a screenshot and send it to me.  I hate to have to do this, but it's a policy that most authors have now so it's nothing unusual. 

Remember how my leaf bug Larry died?  He'd been injured and lost most of his legs and I tried to keep him alive but one morning I got up and he had passed.  Fortunately, I now have TWO new friends.  Leaf bugs like Larry.  I've named them Donatello and Sammy.  Donatello is considerably larger than Sammy, so I can actually tell them apart.  Sammy likes to hang upside on my plant for hours and hours, but Donatello likes to climb my curtains and socialize with me.  I swear, these bugs are social creatures.  Donatello will just show up on my computer monitor or nearby wherever I'm sitting at the time.  Yesterday, I was turned away from my computer for two seconds and when I turned around Donatello was on my wrist guard in front of my keyboard. He seems to like being around me. Sammy spends most of his time hiding or on Jessica, so I wouldn't say he's social, but Donatello is like Larry. And if they are stink bugs like many have said, I have never once even noticed the slightest scent coming from any of them. So, see, they must really like me!

I need to take photos of Sammy and Donatello, but in the meantime here's a photo of Jessica:

I've been thinking about doing a contest.  I guess Rafflecopter is the most popular site to use for that?   I bought something to give away the other day: a signed copy of Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas,  Not only is it autographed by the author, it's the Barnes & Noble exclusive edition with bonus behind the scenes content. And it's the hardcover edition. Is that something you'd be interested in winning?  I might get a couple other signed books to raffle off, too, if they're still at Barnes and Noble when I have money next month.  Figure I'll stick with fantasy and urban fantasy since that's what I've been writing.  I'll also give away signed copies of the first Book of Shadows and Reckoning Daze.  I might let some other cool authors in on it to raise money for more prizes.  If I do a give away, I want to do a really cool one.  Like my friend, fellow YA urban fantasy author Megan Crewe.  And here are the contests she's currently running, which you should enter; it's free!

Do you love Cassandra Clare’s gripping urban fantasy stories? Then get in on this giveaway now! One lucky reader will win the 10th anniversary edition of City of Bones (with new bonus stories!), a preorder of Queen of Air and Darkness, and a Mortal Instruments coloring book and tarot set. Open worldwide (see rules for details)!

Hey Harry Potter fans! You don’t want to miss your chance at this wizardly prize pack. One lucky reader will receive a 20th edition hardcover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone(your choice of which house’s cover), your choice of any one of the Harry Potter illustrated editions, a wingardium leviosa necklace, a Maurader’s Map, and a color change Harry Potter mug. Open worldwide (see rules for details)! Enter today!


Well, that's all I have for now.  Don't forget to TAKE MY BOOK OF SHADOWS  POLL.The life of your favorite character might depend on it! [cue evil laugh]

Oh, also, if you're experiencing this or any other snowstorm, please pace yourself when shoveling. I don't want any of my readers dropping dead from a heart attack. 

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