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Double Down


‘The Barefoot Investor’ maintains the no.1 spot in February selling 541 copies. ‘Lion: A Long Way Home’ holds both 2nd and 3rd spot with the Film Tie-In and Young Reader’s Edition.

See the complete FEB list + DEC + JAN top sellers (since we missed these newsletters).


Double Down


A warm welcome to The Leaf Bookshop Ashburton Melbourne, and the Kimberley Bookshop Broom WA


The focus over the last couple of months has been on perfecting big new features, we would like you to test some on beta now.

Available to test on Beta

  • New notification system (Video 1:25)
  • Baker and Taylor integration (Video 1:09)
  • POS - Deposit integration (Video 2:46)

We have also implemented custom label printing and provided all sites with SSL encryption. This allows you to retain your own domain through the cart process and helps your site rank better on Google

See > All new features and improvements with video walkthroughs


Continuing work that we would like to deliver this month (expect beta test calls soon)

  • New Best seller report
  • New Website
  • Agency addition connected to distributor
  • Extended Leading Edge integration
  • More SEO

Things we are working on that are likely to take longer

  • Bootstrap 3 upgrade in the back office starting with customer order picking and returns

New things we want to make a start on

  • Rails 4 upgrade
  • Use of docker to dynamically scale the system based on demand.

Why change so much? 

I was recently asked 'why do you have to change so much' and it was suggested that it would be good to explain this.

If it works don't fix it right, unfortunately this does not apply to software, software is more like a garden that has to be constantly maintained. It is not that existing code degrades or that servers wear out (they don't), the major driver is technical advance and obsolescence.

If you don't keep updating the systems you use you get left behind. You end up with a system that will eventually become unusable, even though it works as well as the day you bought it. (Think of those old dot matrix printers or video cassettes in the attic.)

Technology moves particularly fast in the cloud space, as a rule we have to change or update core systems every 1 - 2 years.

The other driver is user demand, we have a long list of suggested improvements and because we can implement these relatively quickly we do. Like we have to keep up with changing technology you need to keep up with an equally fast changing business environment.

The upside is latest technology and features the down side is constant change, bugs that come with it and learning that can be a roller coaster that leaves everyone breathless.

We are not sure what the answer for this is, we do all we can to smooth the ride but it is not possible to stop. 

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