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Here's my latest table tennis videos and articles. Tips this issue on the serving short, long and half-long and how to block like Paul Drinkhall. I also take a look back at my first year of being a full-time table tennis coach


New videos and articles
How to serve short, long and half-long – with Craig Bryant

In this video, top coach and service expert, Craig Bryant, explains how to serve at different lengths. Craig demonstrates how to serve short, long and half-long. He uses markers to show where the ball should bounce on either side of the table. Craig also explains the benefits of each service length and discusses which service length will best suit your style of play. 

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The life of a full-time table tennis coach

I’ve completed my first year of being a full time table tennis coach. Whoosh! The past 12 months have flown by. But what has it been like? Am I bored of table tennis yet? Did I earn enough money to pay the bills? Has my body survived the hours and hours of coaching? And what are my plans for the future? In this blog post I give an honest review of life as a table tennis coach.

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Brilliant blocking skills – with Paul Drinkhall

In this video, pro player Paul Drinkhall, shows off his brilliant blocking skills. Blocking is great for returning your opponent’s topspin shots, and turning defence into attack. In the video, Paul shares his blocking tips, discussing technique, placement and gaining a psychological advantage over your opponent. I also take Paul on in a match. I’m allowed to attack, but Paul is only allowed to block. Who will win?

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Online lessons
Your personal online coach

I must admit the quality of the Table Tennis Daily Academy coaching videos keep getting better and better. Here's my review from last year. They now have over 100 very useful videos which will help you become a much better table tennis player. It's a great website. I strongly encourage you to sign up...

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Review: JOOLA Fever blade

This league season I have been playing with the JOOLA Fever blade. This is an offensive carbon blade and one of JOOLA’s best sellers over the past few years. It has a 5+2 ply build with the 2 ply build formed by lightweight carbon meliorate. But is it any good? How does it perform when topspinning, hitting, pushing, blocking and serving? And what type to player should consider using this blade? Here’s my review…

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