Cassandra : Professional Certification Apache (Datastax)

Cassandra : Professional Certification Apache (Datastax)

Professional Certification Apache Cassandra(Datastax) :  Total 207 Questions : 95% Questions with explanations

This is a multiple choice exam conducted by DataStax for Apache Cassandra. DataStax is one of the leader in providing Apache Cassandra based solutions. Apache Cassandra is one of the most demanding and used NoSQL database across the industry. Cassandra has been used in Finance, HealthCare, Aviation, Retail, e-commerce and many more. It has proved itself with high degree of performance. However, it’s a different database and RDBMS principals does not fit with Cassandra. You certainly need to learn Cassandra Data Modeling to design database perfectly and this certification is designed towards this only. And HadoopExam had put lot of effort to create this material to help in clearing this certification exam. Please go through each question and practice as much as possible before real exam. As DataStax site also mentioned Cassandra certified professional get more salary compare to non-certified professional. And Industry always prefer a certified professional, it create different impressions if you are certified in a particular technology. Hence, to help for this we are providing in total 207 certification questions. Please practice as much as you can, and also before appearing in real exam, drop an email. If we have any update or tips, tricks or anything which help you to clear the exam, we will share with you. DataStax is one of the fastest growing startup in NoSQL world. We have more material for various certifications and training... 

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