April 26, 2022

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Follow Your Dreams To Happiness

Follow Your Dreams To Happiness

The pursuit of any dream takes work and requires overcoming obstacles along the way. Unfortunately, achieving our dreams doesn’t guarantee happiness. The key is not to follow our dreams, but to follow God's dreams for us.

Following God does not mean that life will be free of obstacles; in fact, there will probably be some obstacles that may feel like you are facing giants. In Numbers 14: 2-4 the Hebrew people were led out of their lives of slavery in Egypt into the promised land but as soon as they saw an obstacle they wanted to give up, not following the dreams God had for them. 

Facing giants gives you an opportunity to grow your faith and pursue God to His promised land. Here are four practical steps to help you follow God's will and pursue His desires:

  • Look To God First
  • Trust In This Moment
  • Know Who You Are
  • Go When He Says Go

God calls us into a relationship with Him. The truth is, if you are faithful to God, he will bless you with whatever you want, because what you want is what He wants: more of His kingdom and righteousness. 


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