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The Miracle Messenger
a short newsletter from Miracle Messages

Happy Tuesday!

This is the first issue of The Miracle Messenger, a concise assortment of the latest reunions, updates, and events from Miracle Messages. TMM will go out every few weeks to our great volunteers, supporters, and friends. Let us know what you think! 

Featured reunion story:

Ann has been living out of her car for the past 10 years near Long Beach, CA. During this time, she had been totally disconnected from her daughter, a result of losing her phone (and her daughter’s phone number with it). She called our 1-800-MISS-YOU hotline, and spoke to one of our digital detectives. Within a few weeks, we were able to locate her daughter, who had been eager to find her mom. For the first time in over a decade, Ann spoke with her daughter and grandchildren by phone – and they plan to reunite in-person soon! 

Take a moment to listen to the heartfelt voicemail that Ann left for Mark, the digital detective who was assigned to her case. This is why we do what we do.

We're in the news:

  • Brut: this video is phenomenal and went viral in France, now with 2M views!
  • CBS This Morning and CNN: two terrific stories highlighting our innovative partnership with the Union Square Business Improvement District in SF!
  • ABC7 News: each segment of “Looking for ___” will feature an undelivered MM!
  • Other great recent media coverage in NationSwell, UNILAD, and KITV4 (ABC)

Behind the scenes:

  • We’re thrilled to announce that Jessica Donig has been elevated to Miracle Messages’ Executive Director, a title commensurate with her invaluable contributions over the past two years and the values we try to live up to as an organization: equity, respect, decency, courage. Read the backstory here.
  • We received a $150K grant from the Kenan Trust to expand to South Florida!
  • A half-dozen students from Stanford, Berkeley, Occidental, Vassar, and other top schools are joining us this summer as interns! 
  • Over the last several weeks, Kevin and Jess have given talks at UC Berkeley, Santa Clara University, Occidental College, Jones Day, Twitter, and many more.
  • We're so grateful to CODE Advisors for hosting us for the past two years, and are thrilled to be in our new office at Bespoke Coworking @ the Westfield Mall!

Join our upcoming events (full list at

  • Biweekly Outreach Event at DSCS shelter: meet your homeless neighbors
    • every other Wednesday at 6:30pm PT (6/5, 6/19) (in San Francisco)
  • Weekly Cold Case Committee: help locate loved ones as a digital detective
    • every Wednesday at 6pm PT (6/5, 6/12, 6/19) (remote)
  • Weekly All-Hands: join our volunteer team and help build Miracle Messages
    • every Monday at 6pm PT (6/3, 6/10, 6/17) (remote or in San Francisco)
  • Monthly Orientation: learn how to bring Miracle Messages to your community
    • the first Tuesday of every month at 12pm PT (6/4, 7/2) (remote)

How you can help:

Support our summer giving campaign! Our goal is to reach $5,000/month in recurring donations. This funding will provide us with essential resources to help us continue to focus on programs and keep fundraising to a minimum. Every $1/month means a lot! Make a gift, and save the date: Tuesday, August 27th will be a thank you party!

Support our Summer Giving Campaign

Everyone is someone’s somebody. Thanks for being someone special to us!


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People experiencing homelessness often describe social isolation as a significant barrier to restoring their dignity after their housing crisis and the trauma and shame they experience can often further isolate them from family and loved ones. Miracle Messages is a critical piece of the solution. By reconnecting people to their loved ones, they can begin to establish social connections that are vitally important to disrupting their homelessness crisis. There is no one solution that will end homelessness in our communities but Kevin’s work at Miracle Messages restores human connection that is vital for healing and helping people move forward

–Tomiquia Moss
CEO of Hamilton Families

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