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Dear Friends,

We’re pretty much moved in now! Most of the pictures have been hung, curtains are up, the last of the moving boxes have been recycled. And I’m discovering some amazing things about living here in southeastern Virginia.

The first one is—all the new flora and fauna! It’s exciting to learn about all the new trees and bushes in our yard—crape myrtle, camellias, lots and lots of holly. And magnolia trees! We have two enormous magnolias in our yard. I might get ambitious next month and try to make a magnolia wreath for the holidays. (I am no Martha Stewart, though, so if anyone has an easy DIY wreath formula, I’d love to hear about it.) So far, I’m contenting myself with decorating with magnolia branches. 

They last a long time; it’s been three weeks since I cut these. All I did was cut the branches, discard any bad leaves, cut off the leaves at the bottom so they won’t get in the water, smashed the bottom of the stem so that it can take on water, and then stuck them in a vase. That’s it.

Another thing I’ve discovered is pimiento cheese! Well, it’s not new to me. One of the best airport meals I’ve ever had in my life involved pimiento cheese. Back in the Normal Times, I traveled so much for book appearances, and I got to be pretty knowledgeable about airport food. So when I was in Monroeville, Alabama, for a library fundraiser (it’s the hometown of Harper Lee and Truman Capote, so this was for The Swans of Fifth Avenue), I flew out of Pensacola. It had been a long day when I was dropped off there to fly home, and I was starving. All the airport had was one itty bitty lunch counter, so I wasn’t expecting much. But I had a fried green tomato and pimiento cheese sandwich that changed my life! So now that I’m back in the land of pimiento cheese, I’m delighted. And I’d love to get some recipes about how to make it myself. Especially with jalapeno peppers for some spice. Please email me with suggestions.

Finally, I just got the Advance Reader Copies for The Children’s Blizzard, and they’re gorgeous! I can’t keep them all to myself, so I’m giving three away. All subscribers are eligible, and I’ll announce the three winners in the next newsletter, in two weeks. The book is available for preorder now, at all the usual places. 

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Stay safe, and meanwhile, I’ll keep exploring! Maybe pecan pie is up next….



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