The Becoming Anthology 11 review part 1 of 3

Compiled and edited by Lynsey G and Jayel Draco

15 stories total, first 5:
I Can't Wait by Russell Nohelty
Metamorphosis by Silena Nikolopoulou
The Chicxlub Impact by Kyle Lawrence
The Harlequin by Julian Dominguez
Best Foot Forward by Cedric Hood

I know Lynsey and Jayel from several Zoom meetings with other members of our Comics Launch group. They are an extremely busy powerhouse couple who have produced several anthologies over the years, this being the 11th. Their imprint, Oneshi Press, continues to gather a bigger and bigger following. I was very pleased to open my package in the mail.

1. I Can't Wait.

Written by Russell Nohelty, Illustrated by Angela Oddling.

A short sweet cute story about regret and second thoughts. I like the tone, the oddly drawn characters and the simple progression of images. This one fits its 4-page length perfectly. If there's a relation to 'becoming' perhaps it's in the sense you think about all the things that didn't become?

2. Metamorphosis.

Written and Illustrated by Silena Nikolopoulou

Not Kafka. You could also call this 'Through the Looking Glass.' A slightly scary story involving a girl who is having bad dreams. The sepia-enriched colors work very well, and as a tablet-created work it uses the 'smoothed-over' nature of that medium to its advantage. Waking world and dream world seem infused together. There's a Möbius style twist to this story that implies a link to the past and future.

3. The Chicxulub Impact.

Written by Kyle Lawrence, Pencils and Inks by Feli White, Colored by Franco G Coleman.

Ah yes, lots of color! Psychedelic blue-greens mix with raspberry reds as the downfall of the dinosaurs is recounted in this silent tale (in this case does the writing involve panel descriptions to the artist?). Scientists agree that a giant meteor hit somewhere in Mexico that changed the topography on Earth millions of years ago forever, and caused mass extinctions. There's a lack of clarity here somewhat. I seem to see dinosaurs, with... technology? As this is only a few pages long it's daring of them to try and condense millions of years, the destruction of life on Earth. The ending with the cavemen is interesting, though.

4. The Harlequin.

Written by Julian Dominguez, Illustrated by Esther Pimentel, Lettered by Toben Racicot.

This one is the funnest one to read by far. Esther Pimentel uses old fashioned ben day dots to give this a newspaper/comic book newsstand appearance. Fitting the 'becoming' theme it involves a young girl who is afraid of clowns, but upon going to the circus is enthralled by the high wire artist who goes by the name 'The Harlequin.' She's depicted having some lighter patches on her face, a condition called Vitiligo that's caused by having some areas of your skin lacking melanin pigment. I like how this is just an aspect of her appearance and is treated as a normal thing. The real story is how this harlequin acrobat encourages the girl to get over her fears of clowns and work hard at being a master acrobat, skilled enough to be in the circus herself one day!

5. Best Foot Forward.

Written by Cedric Hood, Art by Alexander Motarion, Lettered by Jaymes Reed.

A bit of a let down here. Murky story, unclear antagonist. A hunter who tries poaching a deer but hits Sasquatch's son instead. A son of the park ranger meets up with Bigfoot and is handed a book. Huh?

Next week another five!

Next week another five! As for the previous Anthologies, you can visit their website HERE to browse for yourself.



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