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I'm hoping you've taken a look at Love, Lies & Clones and maybe even the prequel Subject 23. If you enjoyed them, the biggest compliment you could give me is letting me know. You can reply to this email, comment on my Facebook or Twitter account, or my favorite way, by leaving a review on Amazon. Reviews don't need to be anything fancy, a few honest words is enough.

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Again, thank you for downloading my novels and giving me a chance. I wish I could find the right words to convey how much this means to me.

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About Me...

Hi, I’m Checkers. I’m that awesome Great Dane besides that crazy lady who thinks she’s an author. In reality, she’s a veterinary pharmacist who likes to dabble in creating new worlds while writing speculative fiction.

When I want to go for a walk, she’s always stuck behind her computer blogging about her writing journey, planning her next vacation (which means I get to go to a kennel and play with dogs much smaller than me), or reading another indie author’s story. Lucky for me, the house also has two kids and my owner’s husband to keep me busy.

My owner loves it when her readers connect with her on Facebook and/or Twitter. Feel free to find her there and let her know Checkers sent you. Woof!

Joynell Schultz

Rhinelander, WI