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It's the end of Day 5 of the SELF-CARE bootcamp!

It's that lovely time of day where we want to encourage you to do less or calm things down!

In this evenings audio we are going to be reflecting on the first week of the SELF-CARE bootcamp and also talking about breaking Friday night habits.

CLICK HERE to listen to your 5 minute wind down audio, I hope you enjoy it.

Your wind down read!

Today's wind down read is 9 TIPS TO DE-STRESS AFTER A BUSY DAY.

"Stress… it’s all my friends and I seem to talk about. Whether it’s your job, school, family or self pressure, stress is something that can ruin our lives.
After a long day at work there is nothing worse than feeling like you can’t switch off, so I’m going to show you how. Now I can’t magically banish your stress (sadly), but I can help reduce it..."

CLICK HERE to read.

Well done on completing Day 5!

Tomorrow you will receive a Rise & Shine email as usual, but instead of your Rise & Shine audio you have the first of your 'Extreme Self Care' audios.

There is no wind down email tomorrow, but you will be getting one on Day 7 to help you set up for Week 2!

Janey x

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