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Episode 9

Becoming a Happy Warrior

Where do politics, spiritual renewal, public health, cultural evolution and Big Money all come together? That’s right, in public lands and green spaces!

During covid, millions of people are seeking the soothing effects of forests, beaches and rivers. Parks are super popular with families and individuals camping, picnicking, hiking, biking, fishing - and forest bathing. The crisis reveals how absolutely essential good public green spaces are for the wellbeing of all.

If you’ve doubted that regular people actually have a say about protecting and cultivating these sacred resources, Toby Bloom has very good news for you. She lives and works very close to the pulse of US conservation politics and her message is empowering: Thanks to everyone who has signed a petition, voted or expressed their voice about conserving public green spaces - you have been heard, and now everyone benefits!

Episode topics:

  • Why the Great American Outdoors Act is one of the most positively impactful bills in this century.
  • How the culture of conservation is evolving to make parks feel welcoming to the many different people living in the US.
  • What it means to be a Happy Warrior during changing times and how to make a positive impact.
  • How to get money to create or improve a public green space where you live.

A native of the DC Metropolitan area, Toby Bloom is the National Program Manager for Tourism and Interpretive Services for the US Forest Service.  

Please visit her website at:

Forest Bathing Podcast Episode 9

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