September 3, 2019


The Sovereignty Of God
Stephen Heleman

Each week we will start our study of who God is by saying this prayer, "God, I want to see you as you are, the real God." 

Why Is Our God Better?

Everyone has a god. It is the person or the thing that people look to for value and purpose. It ranges from nature, to an object, to a person, or a pursuit. So why is our God, The Real God, better? Three reasons: 
1) Jesus is alive. He is the eternal God who is greater than all others.
2) Our relationship with Him is not based on what we do, but on what He did for us.
3) Our God is sovereign. He is in control and His will will be done with or without us. While God's sovereignty is a difficult concept to grasp, when we do, it is comforting.  

See God's Sovereignty...

In Prophecy.  Read Isaiah 44:6-8.
Thirty percent of the Bible's content is prophecy. In Isaiah we see God challenging the people to test other gods against Him, because He wants them to see that He is the one sovereign God. 
In Daniel chapters 7-12, God revealed to Daniel the next four kingdoms that would rule. It has been proven that it was written hundreds of years before it happened. This is just one example of prophesies found in the Old Testament, yet every one was fulfilled because God is sovereign.

In The Purpose He Gives To Life. Joseph's story, beginning in Genesis 37, is a great example of this. He lived through some horrific circumstances, yet he remained faithful to God and was rewarded in the end. In Genesis 50:20, Joseph shows his brothers that God can take something meant for evil and use it to do something good. 
We often spend so much time trying to be in control, to avoid life's difficulties and pain, that we forget to trust our God, who is in control. But, Romans 8:28-29 promises that if we just hold on to the One who is in control, we will see His goodness. God is working for our good and nothing can stop Him.

Since God Is Sovereign...

  • Give Him everything. Is this necessary since God is in control? When we try to take control, we don't hurt God, but we do remove ourselves from the miracle of God working through us. What are you keeping from God?
  • Give up worry. Because God is in control, we have nothing to worry about. Worry shows that we don't believe God can handle the challenges in our lives. All it does is keep us from moving forward with God. Where do you need to trust God?
  • Look for God's goodness. When life is difficult, realize that God is either teaching us, refining us, or preparing us. Rather than focusing on what is wrong in our lives, let's focus on the good God is doing. What is God doing in your life?

Our Father is a good, sovereign God who always and only wants the best for us.


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