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6th September 2020

Hello everyone, 

Welcome to September! I hope you are well.

The picture above is the doorway is all that remains of the Temple of Apollo on the island of Naxos. The temple's construction was ordered by Lygdamis in the 6th century BC, to be built according to the specifications of the Temple of Zeus in Athens and the Temple of Hera on Samos, but it was never completed. Beautiful, isn't it?  

Below you'll find the latest news in the ancient Greek world, and a review of a book which has rapidly become one of my favourites: Greek to Me by Mary Norris. 

Best wishes, Helen

In the news

Fire at ancient Mycenae

Worrying news from Mycenae this week: a fire broke out near the archaeological site on Sunday 31st August, threatening the ancient palace complex. While the Greek government reassures the public that the site has not been damaged, photos show firefighters perilously close to the ancient walls. Reports indicate that visitors present had to be evacuated, but there was no damage to the museum on the site. 

Click the buttons below to watch video footage and read news reports about the damage. 

Video footage of the fire
Book review

Greek to Me by Mary Norris

Mary Norris is known for her work as a copy writer on the New Yorker, and in her book, Between You and Me. Her latest book, Greek to Me, is an enjoyable journey through Norris's studies of modern and ancient Greek, and her many voyages around and Greek mainland and among the many islands.

So often, this book seemed to be talking about me – “what’s not to love about Greece, after all?” says Norris. I've said this myself many times!

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