Aboriginal tech company expands after international interest

[Katrina Beavan, ABC]

Satellite tracking will soon increase in Central Australia, with a European aerospace company building a new Geotracker station featuring an optical telescope in Alice Springs.

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Master program to be held for Aboriginal men

[Cowra Guardian]

The program is aimed at improving the health of Aboriginal men by creating a more relaxed environment for men to get a health check and yarn about any health concerns.

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CDU takes on program to support Indigenous mums and infants

[by Leanne Miles]

The Charles Darwin University College of Nursing and Midwifery will take the reins of a national support service to deliver culturally appropriate support and training for health providers to boost the wellbeing of Indigenous children and their mothers.

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Indigenous mentors ‘close the gap’

[supplied by UQ]

Data shows that students who complete the AIME program finish school and transition to university at the same rate as other Australian children – effectively closing the gap in educational outcomes

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