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Classic Yacht Association NZ
May 2020
Newsletter of the Classic Yacht Association of New Zealand

Welcome to the May 2020 issue of Sheerlines

Isn't it great that we can get back on the water at last.

A few of our members took the opportunity to blow the cobwebs away in the first event of the Squadron's Club Marine Winter Series. Here's ARIKI enjoying the breeze.
(More pics at

Coming Events

Sat 30 May Race 3: RNZYS Winter Series 

Sat 13 June Race 5: RNZYS Winter Series 

The Boat Owners Meeting and the annual CYA Prizegiving dates will be announced when confirmation is received from RNZYS that they are allowed to host them.


These will resume on confirmation from RNZYS as above – hopefully looking at Tuesday 7 July!


The skippers of the vessels berthed at the Heritage Landing are indebted to Frank for his watchful eye over their vessels during the lock-down. Frank checked the vessels every second day and updated the skippers with videos so they could advise him of anything that needed attention. NOT ONLY that but he manually pumped out STERLING as her house batteries died. 

It was interesting through the lockdown that the Ministry of Culture and Heritage were sympathetic to our call for special privileges that would enable us to check on our heritage vessels, but disappointing that they would not write a letter of support that would have enabled us to get through the check points to get down to our yachts. Fortunately Frank’s physical location enabled him to get down to the boats while exercising in his "local area".

The berth holders say, 'Thank you Frank from the bottom of our bilges and the fibres of our mooring lines!' 

As a thank you, they contributed to a book voucher. Chad Thompson ran Frank immediately over to Boat Books, where he purchased Ivor Wilkins' masterpiece, 'Classic'. They then all retired to IDA's foredeck and enjoyed a beer in the sun, as you do!   

Duder Cup 2020 as seen in Classic Boat magazine - Remember that rain?

A big thanks to John Cadd, visiting from the UK, for this beautiful photo of THELMA and WAITANGI having a tussle at the start of the Duder Cup. And check out the other photos that accompany the in-depth article written by Rob Peake, editor of Classic Boat. See the full report at


The 2020 Vessel Register is now online and extra copies available for purchase from the CYA Shop:

Rat aboard


Pests have had free range under lockdown and it’s important boaties pest-proof their boats after lockdown to protect our harbours and pest-free islands.

Don’t forget to check for pests that might have got on board during lockdown, such as rats and mice in your food cupboard, or nibbling at your motor wiring, as well as those marine pests that are likely to have attached to your hull as it sat in the marina or on your mooring.

It's the responsibility of everyone to help prevent the spread of these unwelcome visitors and support the work being done to keep our harbours, islands and special areas pest free. Read more

SEARCHING FOR YACHT ALTAIR - a plea from Richard Marks

I’m researching the whereabouts of an old yacht called ALTAIR for my father (84), who raced on her when he was 12 years old in the 1948 Auckland to Tauranga race, placing 4th

The Skipper was his father Charles (Charlie) Marks and the crew were Charlie's wife, daughter and three sons (aged 10- 16). The same crew won the Auckland to Coromandel race years later, sailing Queenie. Sadly Charlie passed away on March 1st 1969, while sailing in the Balokovic Cup with his three sons as crew. It was also his birthday. They never raced again. 

Does anyone know the whereabouts of ALTAIR? The crew, all still alive and in their mid-to-late 80’s, have pictures of their father's yachts on their walls (ALTAIR, QUEENIE & SPEEDWELL). My Auntie (89) believes that Charlie owned ALTAIR and QUEENIE at certain points. (He was a scratch-race sailor for Wilkie).

They would love to know what happened to the three yachts and what condition they are in. Any information would be much appreciated.

Please contact Richard Marks if you can help:

Rat aboard


Due to the refit of NEREIDES Doug now has several lengths of brass for sale:
20 x 25mm and 20 x 40mm

Plus assorted lengths up to 3m

Please contact Doug if you are interested:


Details of future courses will be advised when to hand. 

For further details and information please contact: 

OFF CENTER HARBOR and their love affair with New Zealand

Did you see the offer from OCH we sent out last week? This week I received an email from them with the catchy title:  Head-Spinning Kiwi Dream Boats...

Featured are: Jill Hetherington's TUNA, Pete Sewell's WHIO, and Alan Houghton's awesome Waitemata Woodys website. Our American fans rave about all three.

If you missed the details last week, check out - you'll get 10 of their awesome videos for free while you decide to take out a membership. No advertising – just awesome photos, videos and information about wooden boats of all kinds. 


Thanks to the folks who sent in updates on projects they've been working on through lockdown. We've saved some of the stories for future publications.

Charles Scoones has been digging through his photo archives : 

There may be some interest among members in our latest Blog, available on our website, or simply search ANTIOPE Cruising.

Looking further forward to when we can gather once more, I am putting together a 'show and tell' presentation which may be of interest for a members' evening or a stand-alone night with the provisional title, 'A Waterway Life'.

It covers my early shoestring experience of cruising through England and Europe, and the recent trials and tribulations of English narrow boating, before embarking on the more ambitious project of fitting out a vessel to cruise Europe.

From David Cranwell:

Among other things I've been working on the completion of my L Francis Herreshoff Rozinante 28ft Canoe yawl WAINAMU.

Last winter she returned from Marco Scuderi’s yard in Helensville. His workmanship is truly beautiful.

Between Marco and Robert Brooke, I have been extremely well looked after. I've taken on the painting, varnishing and a few other bits and pieces.

I plan to launch this year (in Napier). To date the dream has taken 40 years. I did not have a clue as to the complexity of building such a beautiful little yacht. I have been very lucky and forever grateful for the support I've received.

(Check the photos at the link above. The workmanship is outstanding.)

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